origin_4483496050(photo credit: Yung Tsai via photopin cc)

You’re on this page because “ALTernate Ears” is undergoing a bit of construction. The URL “amandaltorres” started off as a music-blog project and snowballed into a full on passion–ALTernate Ears–quite quickly and unexpectedly. So, it’s unfair for the “ALTernate Ears” brand to continuously be subjected to a URL that doesn’t complement it. Also, the “wordpress.com” was a great starter, but momma is ready to fly solo and start creating her own WEBSITE (not blog)…

origin_1399408509(photo credit: Fenng(dbanotes) via photopin cc)

You might come here trying to find new posts, interviews, recaps, or what have you, but I assure you the best place to stay updated with my ideas, thoughts, “sounds”, and events is Twitter.com: @ALTernateEars. Also, make sure to follow my Soundcloud, because I  have a lot of underground (and top secret) projects that’ll be premiered there. And, if you’re looking for my clips hit up ElektroDaily.com!

Hold tight my friends… I promise, to come back better than you could have ever imagined.

Amanda [ALTernate Ears] Torres


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