Twenty-something year old Amanda Lynn has always loved one thing: music. Born and raised in the Bronx, New York, sound has played a huge part in her life, whether it was her dad mixing Chicago house and freestyle or her mom listening to the latest hip-hop and r&b album, she was absorbing it all. As a child, Amanda recorded fake “radio shows” over her mother’s old cassette tapes, mainly behind her back, which sparked a new passion. Destiny promoted her to graduating with a bachelor of arts in broadcast journalism and minor in photography and public relations from Hofstra University; the same place that allowed her to fulfill that dream of being a radio host (for four years) and engineering shows including “Alternative Radio” (alternative rock) and”Off the Charts” (top 40), while also co-hosting the weekly “Hip Hop Basement” segment.

Post-college, Amanda created ALTernateEars.com as a way to share the many worlds she was adopted into with her friends, peers and supporting followers. Writing about music accredited outlets were “too good” for and indie blogs weren’t aware of, Amanda separated herself instantly.

Now, Amanda is also a nightlife enthusiast, DJ/event coordinator and purveyor of all artists, talent, thoughts and beliefs that make life memorable.




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