Now is a perfect time to Netflix Binge

Yep… it’s been a rough week.

I’d first like to say, if you need someone to talk to – I’M HERE and very accessible throughout the Internet. Now, for those of you that are sheltering your mind and physical body, I suggest binge watching something that makes you laugh. Binge watch something that brings you joy, happiness, entertainment. Take your mind off of worrying for just a moment. It’s okay to be selfish, when trying to heal yourself. It’s okay to be selfish, when you’re feeling a bit helpless. Taking some time to disconnect with reality is healthy. Those concerns you have will still be there, but your mental will not only thank you, but also be better prepared to tackle whatever is in your way after that disconnection.

I’ve gathered five shows on Netflix you can easily binge watch all while healing the darkness that’s presently in your heart. It’s okay to laugh in times of pain… just make sure you take care of yourself, guys!


If you’re into animated (adult) tv shows, dark humor, major sarcasm and animals coexisting with humans (similar to one of my favorite animated shows of all time: Ugly Americans), then you should definitely watch this. Follow Bojack as he tries to make something of his life post his D-List celebrity fame dying down. The storyline is perfect, the characteristics of each animal that is brought to life is genius and the comedy is spot on for those that “LOL” in their head… Except… I actually also laughed out loud in real life (LOL IRL).


Laugh-o-meter: LOLOLOL


This is the newest Netflix original series on this list, and if you have not already seen it, you can thank me later. This British television sitcom is way too short and I’m already craving the next season, but it’s totally worth waiting for. The series follows a 24-year-old “Tracey Gordon” who is basically trying to explore her sexuality in complete naivety due to her very religious and strict upbringing. Writer Michaela Coel does such a brilliant job exploring the many facets of life tumblr_nyjh8b05p31qf34gmo2_250people face including growing up poor, lacking education, seeking validity in life, and much more. It’s also very refreshing to see the black female lead be highlighted as innocently sweet versus all of the other stereotypical roles most women are casted as.

It’s an easy show to bust through in one night, but with all of the topics touched on, I’m sure you’ll immediately want to revisit it and find key messages you missed.


Laugh-o-meter: LMFAOOOO


I would be remissed if I did not include this competition series in my list. It’s not intentionally funny, but it’s hilarious. I mean, watching people frantically try to get that last bit of shaved carrot bits onto their hot-cheetoh crusted chicken breast parm? COME ON. But, seriously… You’ll get some kickass food ideas and, perhaps, be inspired to cook some crazy meal using that tuna, cheez-it, and frosted flake combo in your cabinets. Food heals all wounds, and so do the dramatic judges on this show…

Just watch one episode, and enjoy the journey.


Laugh-o-meter: HAHAHA


This is another one of Netflix’s newer original series categorized under “comedy-drama anthropology series”. If you don’t know what that means, basically each episode is a different storyline and cast. While some cast memebers do overlap (not often) each episode has nothing to do with the other. This series explores marriage, sexuality, art, loyalty, lonliness, relationships and more. It’s not “in your face” funny; definitely more on the dry humor spectrum of comedy, but if that’s your steez – you’ll undoubtedly enjoy this.


Laugh-o-meter: OMG LOL


I thoroughly enjoy animated series… This one hits the nail on the head for every and anything I could want in one. You have a miserable dad, crazy trio of kids, loopy mom and the all-too relatable lack of financial stability and nonconformity. Unlike Bob’s Burgers, this family has more anger versus desparation behind their storyline, which makes it even funnier. It’s definitely not as light and at times more raunchy than BB, so porbably not as cool to watch with your younger siblings. (P.S. – Kudos to you if you know who plays the voice of the dad without Google.)

All in all, you do truly get the sense that “F” is for family for this one, but… we all show our love in different ways.


Laugh-o-meter: LMAO 


Disclaimer: If you did not like Napoleon Dynamite, you will not like this show (I promise). That weird, purposeless, confusing and boring humor is very apparent and practically identical to Napoleon Dynamite. Someone categorized this show as “Napoleon Dynamite for the Youtube Generation”, and, while I have no idea what that even means, it accurately describes this show. We follow main character Miranda’s quest for instant Internet fame with her quirky family and living situation. You know those friends who ask you to listen to their mixtape, but you don’t tell them it sucks? Yeah… keep that in mind as the premises of the show. There’s a lot of yelling, slow dialogue and weird skits within scenes… But, if you enjoy mind-numbing, dry, at-times boring and overall pointless comedies… Click play.


Laugh-o-meter: lol



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