A Curly Girl’s Guide: Wash&Go on the Go!

Now that we’re semi-aware of “how to stay natural on a budget“, it’s only right I share some of my secrets with you…my hair is full of them.

Leading a life that resembles that of a nomad is no easy challenge. I’m constantly jumping from place to place whether it’s for a sleepover, party, overnight gig or trip. I’ve moved around my whole life, so packing a light bag full of my daily necessities is nothing compared to uprooting everything I own from one place to another.

My usual hair routine is a simple wash and go–I literally wash my hair, add some styling products, and go. Unfortunately, because I move around so much, I don’t always have time to pre-style it at night or dedicate hours in the morning to my precious locks. Fortunately, I have been blessed with a curl pattern and texture that is receptive to the easy wash and go lifestyle. Even with those blessings, it’s still a challenge to maintain a wash and go without having to wash it everyday. Below are some of my handy-dandy products that keep my hair looking fine, add definition, lock in moisture/oils, and can easily be thrown into your bag/purse for those moments when you’re just on the go!

Whether you need to touch up yesterday’s look, rejuvenate your curls, or keep a security blanket with you in case of emergencies–I GOT YOU COVERED!


on the go prod. (1)


We all know being “natural” = being broke, but can you really put a price on beautiful, healthy and vibrant curls? Okay, some of you probably can, which is exactly why this travel kit is the perfect median between breaking the bank and keeping it reasonable all for the sake of your hair (and happiness). Amazon usually has the best deals for any DevaCurl product (really, any natural hair product), so I’d suggest getting it from them. This travel kit is essentially the best thing you could do for your hair, if you’re a traveler like myself. It comes with a cleanser, conditioner, gel and moisture-lock spray. Going on a business trip? Late night booty call? Girl’s night out? Drinks after work? Maybe it’s just going to be a really muggy day…TAKE THIS KIT WITH YOU ANYWHERE. I tend to use the conditioner as a double for gel, when I’m touching up some frizz. The actual gel is perfect for second-day styling, while the “set it free” spray can revitalize and add shine to your fro in seconds. As we all know, shampoo is no longer the wave, so in order to keep your waves in check, this cleanser is the perfect touch. My favorite part about the kit is the zip bag itself because, when  I’m finished with the products that come with it, I can re-use it with my own travel-sized products.


If there is one thing I will budget for/splurge on it will ALWAYS be Devacurl’s “Heaven in Hair”. This is my hair’s daily bible, as it acts as more than one thing for me and has honestly saved me from the dark days of dry, nasty, lifeless hair. Known for its deep conditioning qualities and usage, it keeps my hair in check. Whenever I start to feel like my hair is getting too dry or brittle, I add this bad boy into my hair, leave it in while I’m wrapping up my shower and rinse it out for that smooth finish. Sometimes, I don’t even rinse it out, turning it into my leave-in conditioner which reduces my need for other styling products. I mean, it also is my styling product. Whenever I want to do a quick wash and go or slick back my hair for a curly-pony, I use heaven in hair as a styling cream/gel; it’s perfect because it’s water soluble, so it works best by adding water. This also means it’s perfect for touching up your previous-day’s wash and go. It does the total opposite of most gels in the sense that my hair does not get that crunchy feel. The smaller version (8 oz) is the perfect size for traveling, but, if I’m being completely honest, I can run through that in a week; I literally use it for everything, and my hair is pretty thick. I stick to the biggest size (16 oz), so I’m never left hanging. Amazon also has an amazing bundle deal for those that like to economically stock up on their favorite products.

3. Design Essentials Natural Curl Enhancing Mousse

Whenever I want to add some definition to my curls and really enhance the pattern, I slip on some of this mousse. Unlike other mousses that contain alcohol, this one does not a.k.a no crunchy curls! It’s less foamier than your average, which might throw your off, but you also need a lot less than competing products. This is probably my favorite wash and go product because I can add some styling cream that tames the frizz, but this is the one that really defines my curl pattern and locks in the creamy product, sealing in all of those good oils and other ingredients. It’s the perfect pocketbook size and would probably do all of the natural ladies that like to hit those outdoor summer fests thee most justice. If you’re an avid mousse user, I’d suggest getting the larger size instead of the travel — luckily, the brand isn’t that expensive either.

4. Ouidad’s Climate Control Gel

Whether you’re getting the actual travel/sample size (2.5 oz), the regular size (8.5 oz), or the jumbo size (33.8 oz), you need this in your stash of products! Frizz is annoying, humidity is even more dreadful – this product keeps you sane through that madness. Ouidad has been on their A-game lately and catering to the kinky girls out there, so it’s a no-brainer that I’d be down to try. While this brand is definitely on the more expensive side, if you have the extra dough to hit the bar or random restaurants every once in a while – opt out and instead throw that money in your hair’s piggy bank (you will thank me for it, even if your tummy doesn’t). This gel, unlike many others I’ve tried (even Devacurl) truly creates a humidity barrier minus the sticky/hard feeling. Because every hair type from thin and wavy to thick and course is porous and prone to absorbing humidity and expanding, the ingredients (Almond, Henna Leaf, Chamomile, Kiwi) help any curl pattern achieve the perfect balance of moisture. Talk about defining your curls! The 8.5oz is definitely good for on the go, while the 2.5 oz is perfect for your daily bag.

5. Made Beautiful’s “True Quench Curl Refresher”

You ever walked behind a curly girl and smelled the natural aromas of the mysterious products that are in her hair? Ever wanted to be that girl? GET THIS! The quench curl refresher is exactly what you’re thinking, a spray that refreshes a style you already have. Unlike other liquid refreshers, this one really isn’t a spray but more of a mist. This is perfect because it doesn’t soak your hair when using it, which for me sometimes causes more frizz. I love throwing this one in my bag because I never know when I’m going to 1.) need a touch up on my hairdo and 2.) want a quick burst of amazing aromas including mango and coconut. We all know smells mean everything when connecting with other people, and I’m pretty sure this will boost any shot you take! Best part of this brand, aside from the super affordable price, is they provide programming sponsorship of Girl Be Heard: a non-profit theatre company that brings global issues affecting girls center stage by empowering young women to tell their stories.


No matter the curl pattern, texture, thickness and health level, any five of these products will be the perfect addition to your “on the go” bag or daily routine!


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Be sure to check out my budget guide, if you’re struggling to maintain your natural lifestyle. 


Let me know in the comments below which products are working best for you!



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