Five podcasts you should listen to!

Sometimes, we all just need our work day to go by a little bit quicker, and music isn’t always the answer. This list is specially dedicated to all you troopers who sit at a desk or work on your computer all day.

And, if you just like to listen to podcasts on your free time – shoutout to you too.


Having a broadcast journalism background means that I studied radio production at some point during my undergraduate career. This podcast transplants me back to the days of creating my own storytelling pieces during my junior year. It isn’t your typical podcast in the sense that environments are created for you via sound and you’re following more of the journey rather than the conversation. I can imagine those that love audio books will love this podcast in a similar manner; however, I’m not an audio book fan and love this podcast to pieces! Touching on more political/newsworthy topics, this is the perfect fit for those that want to be in the know with a multitude of topics without reading articles all day.



If you’re interested in following three lovely ladies converse about anything from inspiring the youth to not having babies before a certain age, listen to this podcast. Highlighting entrepreneurs within the community, Lo, Nat Lovely and Olavish interview new people each week that enforce their overall theme of empowerment, enlightenment, liberation and power. These girls are just budding on the scene, but their future is bright and their present is definitely worth a listen.



When keeping it real is as real as can be even down to how they got their name: “We love hip hop, we love wrestling, we love 2 Chainz — so everything kind of makes sense from there.” Hosted by Meelz, writer for Billboard, VIBE, and Complex, and DJ/producer Carlos, this podcast is similar to a younger, cooler, less arrogant form of Charlamagne meets your favorite hip hop news outlet with some of your twitter timeline sprinkled on top. To no surprise, there may be some outlandish comments/opinions you’re not going to agree with, but what’s a good podcast without some controversial topics?



Alesia, Fatima, Aurelia, and Ramou are the four black women behind this refreshingly enlightening podcast. Highlighting important topics within the black community from a smaller scale (Beyonce’s importance) to the larger (health and wellness), they provide a space for the conversations that need to be had and heard more often. Whether they’re dealing with pop culture, the representation of people of color or the pursuit of the perfect body oil – their voices are captivating and, quite frankly, the perfect background to any stressful work day.




Who doesn’t love a good read? (side note: “read” is referred to the act of telling people about themselves) Bloggers Kid Fury and Crissle host this weekly podcast, which covers all the juicy topics one could ever want to listen to… literally. They even cover “pop culture’s most trying stars,” while “throwing shade and spilling tea with a flippant and humorous attitude.” If you’re at work and need that juicy gossip to keep you from reading your own co-workers, put in the headphones and press play.




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