UNiiQU3 and Scratch DJ Academy NYC team up for #BEUNIQUE

What better way to celebrate Women’s History Month than with a seminar aimed at inspiring and educating young women?

New Jersey’s multi-talented, international-touring artist UNiiQU3 is doing just that with her event BE UNIQUE. Hosted at one of New York’s most incredibly progressive schools, Scratch DJ Academy, this “cozy couch session,” as UNiiQU3 puts it, will educate guests on what it’s like to be a successful woman in the music industry. The Internet is rapidly shaping–for the better–the access women have and the opportunities they receive, but there can never be too much of IRL (in real life) interaction.

wQaxaVZE_400x400I want to give aspiring artists some insight on how I came up in my scene from DJing DIY events in New Jersey to touring internationally along the likes of Cashmere Cat and working with notable artists including Skrillex. Still being a rookie in a sea of veterans, I’m learning as I grow, and I know I can offer great advice to those whose shoes I’ve been in but only 5 years ago.


Celebrating not only the month of women, BE UNIQUE will also empower all of the future stars (aka the youth).  BE UNIQUE has partnered with four talented, out-of-the-box, and progressive artists that have each paved their own lane that can act as an inspiration to everyone, not just women. Being that the panel of guest speakers fully embody the “DIY generation”, they’ll be offering some insight on how to stay true to yourself, your craft, your needs and wants.





“SupposX8TR1H9_400x400rting others and their careers only helps you with your career. I love being inspired by the people around me and their successes. [My] intention is to inspire others, but I always end up more inspired than they do.”

Gun$ Garcia–DJ, producer, textile and fashion designer–will be offering valuable knowledge on what it’s like to be part of an empowering crew known as Factory Girls in addition to an educator at the Philadelphia location for Scratch DJ Academy and nightlife curator with her infamous party “Drake Night SFG.”


Tz8kwd--_400x400“Having gained experiences by working in very corporate environments and more relaxed, creative atmospheres, [I’ve learned] how to maintain professional respect and attention in both dynamics, while also remaining true to [myself]..” 
Hannah Rad, NYC-based on-air talent, radio host, DJ and producer, will be sharing her experiences and insights gained over the last 10 years she’s been in the music industry. Working with RevoltTV, doing mixshows (Total Radness) and even guesting on SiriusXM’s HipHopNation, Hannah Rad will share her tips and tricks to maneuvering as a women in the corporate world of music.


RnM7ZG7F_400x400“95% of the people I told didn’t believe in me or think I would be able to get to where I am right now. I’ve learned that most people project their fears onto you, and you can’t let that dim your light. You have to use it as motivation.”
Kitty Cash understands the importance of in-person conversations and how it translates into more success, which is exactly why she’ll be tapping into personal fears and how to combat that in order to “kick major ass” in this competetive world. While she might have a background in the fashion world, the Brooklyn-bred artist found her true passion, when she started DJing for Kilo Kish, and since then her life as a DJ has yet to cease. Her go-getting and adventure seeking personality is sure to inspire even the biggest wallflower of the room.


Xi9wGTD0_400x400“My art is essentially trying to have as much fun as possible while doing things that I love! It’s so easy to become a cookie cutter or fit into other people’s sounds, but that also makes you lose touch with who you truly are.”
Gina Turner has taken her New York City club life and DJ knowledge and created a name for herself in some of the most popular cities including Boston and Los Angeles. Not only has she started her own radio shows, but she’s also formed DJ duos, curated parties, and much more. Being a DJ, producer, radio host, label owner, yoga instructor, and full-time mom, it’s safe to says she’ll be dropping a lot of gems throughout the night.


While it has already been announced that RevoltTV will be recording, there are still some more major surprises and giveaways to lookout for; there are even cupcakes involved!  Providing the vibes and tunes for the night will be Scratch NYC Alum  Twelve45 and Scratch NYC instructor DJ Twin T. Shooters including Chantel Simpson, Drunk Baby, and BlckGirlSummer will be on site showcasing their work as well.


This event is definitely one for the books, and you’re not going to want to miss it!



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