ALT.Ears Premiere: SBF ‘The Chixx Tape’

R&B is to club music what denim is to fashion: a staple. It’s always relevant, and it’s never going anywhere. In fact, some of the better club tracks–whether it be Baltimore, Philly, Jersey, etc.–have sampled some of thee most iconic r&b tracks and artists. It’s all about catering to the ladies, sorry not sorry fellas, and making them feel sexy. I mean, the equation is simple: smooth crooner + booty-popping bass + creativity + high quality mastering = a hit.

Okay, okay, so maybe it isn’t that easy, but Jersey-based producer SBF makes it seem that way with ‘The Chixx Tape’.

Dedicating an entire project to the Canadian rapper/singer Tory Lanez, SBF not only played around with new-on-the-scene sounds, but he also stayed true to his personal tastes and craft. “Tory Lanez’s music is beyond dope and creative,” SBF explains, “I just had to put a Jersey Club spin on it.” Tory Lanez is no stranger when it comes to sampling others in his work, and this project pays homage to exactly that.

SBF used the crooner’s ability to reach the ladies on CHIXTAPE 3 to his advantage. Lanez’s seductively dark voice is not only perfect to sample/chop, but it’s also the smartest to lace over any Jersey club production for the simple fact that both genres are made for the ladies. To be honest, I’m surprised not a lot of producers out there sample him more often; but, then again, it takes the right ear to hear potential. While SBF has a pair of them, he understood the importance of delivering different sounds and getting other pairs of ears, even if it’s within the same genre. This is exactly why he teamed with some other Jersey Club wizards behind the board including KushCannon and $JAYY (who can take credit for the cover art). You can also expect to hear from his crew, JiggyThvtMusiic, which includes sounds from Ace Mula, FL!PPS, Mighty Mouze, and more!

“I’d like to thank them all for helping bring this project to life, because I couldn’t have done it without their creativity,” SBF shares. This tape is a masterpiece; you can truly hear each artist’s strengths from SJAYY’s innate ability to gently caress an r&b track into the club world to Ace Mula’s creativity when it comes to selecting vocal chops to FL!PPS literal ability to flip any track. And, by blending all of these strengths together and adding it to his overall vision, SBF created one hell of a knockout.

If you didn’t know about Tory Lanez before, this project will definitely make you do your research. If you didn’t know about SBF before, make sure to tell everyone where you heard it first.




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