ALT.Ears Premiere: Ace Mula ‘Paid In Full’

One of JiggyThvtMusiic‘s most prolific members is using his inspiration as motivation, and, if you weren’t before, you better be paying attention.

Ace Mula, 18-year-old producer from North Jersey, coined his name from the infamous Ace (Wood Harris) in the 2002 classic film ‘Paid In Full’ and decided to pay homage to the character that inspired him the most. “He was always on his grind whether he was up making moves or working a minimum wage job,” explains Ace. “The character gave me motivation to keep up with my grind.” That grind being this six-track EP featuring other up and comers that have paved their own lane within the Jersey club realm including SBF, FL!PPS, $JAYY and Panic.


Starting it off soft and sultry, the “Paid In Full (Intro)” eases you into the monstrosity to come, while also foreshadowing exactly how sensual this EP is going to be. Sampling Drake’s vocals, Ace and Panic create the epitome of what the ladies love–bass, rhythm and a nice vocal to match the beat–on “Pop Dat Thang.” “Most of these tracks are for the ladies that love dancing and bass in the music that they listen to,” which is exactly why he linked with SBF and $JAYY for “Lemme See You Werk.” While most club music is made for the ladies, often times it’s the Jersey boys that are quick to get in a circle and bust out their sexy walk; this track calls out all of the beautiful wallflowers and gives them a bit more of the shine, because after all we do make the party.

Also giving us something major, Ace included his official remix to “Act Right” by Meshbanga, a young and striving rapper out of Richmond, CA. Keeping with the sexy theme, Ace perfectly selects the best vocals to use, while also keeping the production, which takes hints from Tory Lanez “Looks”, in tact. The EP’s overall unexpected drops, intense breakdowns and clean vocal chops is enough to grab anyone’s attention, but what caught mine is the story the order of the tracks tell:

giphyThe “Intro” gets the party started, the next two tracks gets everyone on the dancefloor, then we go onto focusing solely on the ladies with “Lemme See You Werk.” Now that we’ve got everyone ready and on the dancefloor, it’s really “Time to Go to Work.” And, just when you thought the party was over, Ace tags in FL!PPS to end the game.

The best part of all is that almost all of the tracks are easy to transition in and out of (hint hint, wink wink to all my DJ friends). He doesn’t drop too many of his tags or waters down his tracks with shout outs, of which a lot of Jersey producers should take a mental note.

I’m honored to premiere this well-rounded and eye opening EP. Be on the lookout for his upcoming single, “Watch Me”, with fellow club producer CHLO; in the mean time take a listen to ‘Paid In Full’ below!


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