Artist Spotlight January 2016: Swisha

He forced Kanye West to change his album name and received a cease and desist letter from the Swisher Sweets company.

While that statement is only half true, I can assure you that 20-year-old Swisha (formerly known as Swisha Sweet) is going to change the way people listen to club music URL and IRL. The West Coast by way of Philly producer/DJ hasn’t been in the game long enough to be considered a “seasoned veteran,” but his calm and collected demeanor, while casually fueling any live set with his arsenal that is known as his music library, is something that’ll have you second guessing his stature in the game. Trying to describe his typical sound or style basically mirrors explaining to a child what water tastes like. Okay, so it doesn’t taste like anything, obviously, but you know it’s good for you and it’s one of the few things in life you absolutely cannot live without. And, there’s always levels to the water game (Fiji, Evian, Smart), so just apply that to Swisha’s sound for context sake.

When he’s not being used as unofficial memes (url) by his friends, he’s spending all of his free time (irl) with his true bae, music; whether that be making footwork tracks, club music, or artwork for artist albums, EPs, singles, etc. Having already played alongside some of the coolest cats in LA’s club scene–Ducky, Sha Sha Kimbo, Alfred English, Lil Texas, and Swelta–, recently joined Juke Bounce Werks, and even played back to back to back gigs during his numerous visits in NYC last year, he’s effortlessly transitioned from “f**k sh*t up,” in 2015 to “end the competition 2016.”

He’s gotten bouncers fired from their job, offered more Swisher Sweets than he even cares for, and he even found more rising fame in a side project that’s top secret. Learn more about the charismatic wallflower in the mix/interview below!



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