ALT.Ears Premiere: $JAYY x NO1DRUG “To the Women”

Cartel Nation’s most recent addition is about to be responsible for a lot of babies that’ll be produced after listening to this new remix to NO1DRUG‘s “To the Women.”


New Jersey artist and previous spotlight, $JAYY,  isn’t afraid to blur the lines or juggle between his jersey club production style and mellow/r&b hints usually heard under his moniker SensaySyd. “I chose to sample this song because of its dreamy type instrumental,” $JAYY explains. “I felt like it would be dope putting on an artist outside of my state that not many people in Jersey know about.” But, don’t let that fool you; NO1DRUG’s online presence is booming, and, although not too many people are caught up to him, it doesn’t seem like he’s going to slow down anytime soon. His “The Weeknd aesthetic” meets “Bryson Tiller honesty” style compliments his one-of-a-kind flow of which nobody BUT $JAYY could have finessed so gracefully. This remix for “To the Women” is the perfect combination of $JAYY’s impeccable vocal selection, precise chops and soulful taste.

If you’re that type that goes out clubbing and literally wants to “sleep in the speaker,” this is the perfect track for you. Listen below and share with all the women in your life!



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