ALT.Ears Picks Five Holiday Horrors

While everyone else (that celebrates) gathers around the tree, while listening to their Mariah Carey Christmas CD or watching Home Alone for the millionth time, the rest of us are trying to find a way to escape that jolly madness. I’ve curated a list of five films to watch over the holidays–or anytime to be honest–that will fill that dark void many of us have within; it’s okay to be the Grinch sometimes.


Cabin Fever (2002)

Nothing ever goes right for groups of people who like to vacay in cabins or woods. This movie, however, takes it up a notch by throwing in a flesh-eating virus. Best part of it all? The inspiration for the film’s story came from a real life experience during a trip to Iceland, when filmmaker Roth developed a skin infection.


Black Christmas (2006)

This remake of the 1974 classic is much gorier, so, if you’re grossed out easily, check out the original. While it’s no five-star film–let’s be realistic here, how many of them are?–it’s 100% worth checking out a lunatic escape jail for killing his own family to attack the, now, sorority house for pleasure. Of course the remake is cornier and possibly not as worthy as the original, but I’m all about a good/corny scary movie.


Let the Right One in (2008)

*via Netflix*

Had to include a “foreign film” on the list, because sometimes they are the creepiest of them all. Set in the winter, a 12-year-old bullied boy finally finds a friend within a very strange girl. Only problem? She can’t come out in the daytime and survives on blood.


You’re Next (2011)

What’s better than gathering around with your family during the holidays and watching another family get terrorized and murdered during the parents’ wedding anniversary trip? Let’s just say, while some families have issues and others have their priorities all messed up, this family has both. WARNING: this seemed like more of a satire film, so take it all with a grain of salt and enjoy the humor.


Mama (2013)

Who wants to be alone around the holiday season? Nobody! Now, who would possibly want to see two little girls, who were abandoned in the woods, live like savages? Tip if you ever come across this and are in the holiday spirits to help them out, make sure you don’t bring their “mommy issues” along with you when taking them in; things can get really creepy.


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