ALT.Ears Premiere: ‘Dirty Jersey Sprite’ – Gutta Cartel

If Atlanta, GA and Elizabeth, NJ’s sound were to have a love child, the result would be this carefully nurtured mixtape by Gutta Cartel: ‘Dirty Jersey Sprite’.

Taking Future’s dirty sprite theme and transforming his southern sound to suit New Jersey’s, Gutta has remixed 13 tracks–some obviously popular and other “overlooked gems”–for this club-ready mixtape. Playing off of the rapper’s finessed lyrics and effortless rhythmic flow, the mixtape highlights both Future’s ability to create a universally relatable hit after hit and Gutta Cartel’s talent of flipping almost anything  for the dance floor. Embodying the intricacy of the Jersey Club production style, Gutta plays with an array of vocal samples and chops using the Acid Pro software. Shown in his remix to “Rich Sex”, the overall message is apparent. By chopping up words from the original song that go with the bed squeak and moan samples used, Gutta subtly carries over and enhances the sex symbolism throughout the track.

“In my perspective, when it comes down to sampling and chopping, I usually chop words that go with a sample I’m using or make it as close to the original song as I can. I’ve always been deeply in tune with songs I’ve made, so I always make sure the end product makes sense [aurally],” Gutta explains. Using simple sounds including hi hats, gun shots, bed squeaks, risers and crashes, Gutta Cartel takes a minimalist approach to remixing tracks such as “Groupies” and “F*ck Up Some Commas.”


Collaborating with fellow Jersey club tastemakers including Gary Lite (“56 Nights”), Styles Savage (“Freak Hoe”), K Duecez (“Jumpman”), Tray Cartel (“I Serve the Bass Interlude”) and Ase Manual (“The Percocet & Stripper Joint”), Gutta creates space for fellow up and comers to shine–contrary to the popular belief within the culture that everybody is out for themselves. He also links with The Bronx’s club connoisseur BassBear for “Blood on the Money” and Portland’s Gangsigns for “Thought it Was a Drought”, stepping outside of the typical Jersey club box.

It doesn’t have to be fully Jersey for it to be Jersey Club, if you’re doing something positive for the culture.

Gutta adds, “I feel as though you can push the sound and bend the boundaries. I think it adds versatility, something that a lot of people don’t do. I feel like producers think Jersey Club should stay in New Jersey, which I don’t agree with. You know, a lot of these same producers are making trap, but trap music didn’t originate in Jersey…”

While it didn’t originate in Jersey, Gutta somehow manages to find the perfect common denominator of his particular sound and Future’s style with this mixtape. As an up and comer, he’s evolving within his own style and staying true to what separates him from the “dime a dozen” pack. Since I don’t personally advocate for that purple, iced drink some people prefer to have in their styrofoam or red solo cup, I’m happy to premiere ‘Dirty Jersey Sprite’: the only concocted drug that’ll help revive the competition.


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