ALT.Ears Premiere: Two hours of Strictly Young Thug

Atlanta, Georgia’s most controversial rapper might have just found his number one fan.

Young Thug–the 23-year-old who has a knack for raising eyebrows and ears with his bold fashion and rap music–is known to release track after track and mixtape after mixtape, providing fans with an incredibly impressive catalog for someone who only really emerged onto the scene in late 2012/2013. However, it really is no surprise coming from the second youngest child of 11 children, who developed a skill for standing out among many, early.

Working with the likes of Gucci Mane and his 1017 Brick Squad crew, Future’s imprint ‘Freebandz’, and Birdman’s Rich Gang/Cash Money crew, Young Thug has created a sound and style that, whether or not you agree, will place him on the top of the charts for a long time. Catching the attention of the mass with hit tracks like “Stoner” and “Danny Glover”, Young Thug confidently exploited his raw lyricism that’s different than the J. Cole’s and Kendrick Lamar’s of the world. Embodying the true evolution of Southern hip hop, the creations and ideas that have come to fruition for Thug have solidified him as one of the best artists in the south.

Representing the millennials and generations that have a more progressive mindset in regards to hip hop culture, Young Thug’s music is his lifestyle, no pun intended. Engrossed by crime, drug addiction and the violence that surrounded him, Young Thug went down the path that instilled an insatiable appetite to succeed. When you see or hear Thug, you know he is truly being himself. Whether it’s his flashy clothing, that have headlines questioning his sexuality, or his undeniable obsession with his “idol” Lil Wayne, you can’t not notice Thugger.


Some call him the “one true savior off the Southern movement,” while SPIN acknowledges his, “razor precision, attacking different parts of the drum programming with different voices and cadences.” Credible sources such as Earmilk, Complex, Vibe and Vulture have taken the time to compile his “top songs”, while newsworthy outlets like the Washington Post have included him in the “month’s best music.” Hell, Pitchfork even gave one of the highest album reviews I’ve seen for Barter 6 (which isn’t even an album), and a nice runner up for Slime Season adding, “Thug’s best songs are carefully structured, even if they appear effortlessly thrown together, and the most effective moments tend to be subtle, sidling up to the listener.” Despite his southern accent combined with the purple-drank infused slur, Thugger has proven to be a strong force and presence that isn’t planning on going anywhere but up.

It’s almost impossible to keep up with his tracks, especially music videos; however, there are plenty of fans out there that try to with NYC-based DJ MARVELiTO being one of the only ones to group as many together in order to provide the ultimate Young Thug-dedicated mixtape. Featuring tracks from Thug’s starting career point to his most recent body of work, Slime Season, Marv addresses the most pivitol moments in Thug’s career that every and any fan should know. From the “Ecstasy Pill” beginning, where Thug brags about making albums in a matter of weeks, to the “Check” ending where he boasts about his money that comes from it, MARVELiTO mixes a total of 60 tracks that cohesively define and embody just how talented this outlandish, or rather misunderstood, rapper truly is.

“I made the mix strictly because Young Thug is one of my favorite artists right now, and I wanted to showcase how much amazing music he really has. I couldn’t even fit all the best tracks,” Marv admits. “If people don’t like Thug, maybe they shouldn’t listen to the tape… but, maybe they should. Either way, (laughs).”

I cannot personally think of a better way to wait for Slime Season 2 and all of the other rumored projects Young Thug has, than to listen to this 2 hour and 17 minute mixtape of pure heat. From one Young Thug fan to another, enjoy!


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