“I need to put people down to feel good”

You know those types of people that just can’t help but add their two cents to the petty machine? Yeah, I was following/friends with one of those, who inspired my first twitter rant of the week – for privacy sake let’s just call that person Misery (because you know it can’t thrive without company). Misery was ranting and raving on Snapchat about females “giving it up” or what not… Normally, men and their idiotic opinions don’t bother me because…well, what would they do without us? However, this one jumped out at me because it was someone I PERSONALLY knew – someone that relies on many women for income, “likes”, “shares”, stories, gigs, public relations, etc. etc. etc. It was someone that I would never expect such misogynistic views from, but isn’t that how it always ends up to be?

Anyways, I let that slide and chalked it up to some lady hurting his feelings. Then, a few days later Misery proceeded to rant on another social platform about women and respect. Basically, it was about women being “hoes” and how no man will respect that if we can’t respect ourselves. Yes, because men get to decide what defines a hoe. Men get to choose how women should carry themselves in order to provide us with the respect based off of whatever caliber they’ve created to enhance their egos… Yes, the almighty man gets to rant about “hoes” and how they’ll never be seen as anything other than that, if they don’t keep their legs closed. Any of this sound super republican to you?

Somehow, this wasn’t even the breaking point for me. I offered my personal opinion, played devils advocate, and even got some “likes” myself (all from men by the way). We agreed to disagree, as I knew would be the case. The final straw/third strike was a Snapchat story that made me want to literally gag. Once again, it was about women – SHOCKER. I began to think maybe an ex hurt his feelings, moved on without him, took a shot at his ego, or something! I needed to believe an ex had a part in this because why was he so hurt? Why were all of his jabs taken at women? Now, not to say this said ex deserves to be blamed, but I would give her credit if she’s the reason he can’t handle whatever is going on inside. Shout out to you mama for breaking a man down so badly that he has to take a jab at an entire gender anytime he can.


Before you even say, “well, he has a right to express his opinion just like you are now,” let’s not forget he’s talking about women in a derogatory tone for absolutely no reason aside from the fact that he simply can. If that’s okay with you – by all means stop reading this post and following me. And, just to clarify, I do not follow him on any social channels nor is he friends with me on Facebook anymore… So don’t try the, “well why don’t you stop following him,” trick because you clearly aren’t getting the bigger picture.

mis def

Anyways, Misery decided to talk about “thots” in this specific Snapchat story and how thots shouldn’t be trying to educate anybody because they are just a thot. If you’re laughing with me right now, thank you for seeing the madness in this entire situation. Once again I was left with the same question, who gets to decide what is and is not a thot? What determines whether or not a woman gets to enhance the knowledge of a man? Why is it that a woman’s sex life (because why else are you calling her a thot) inhibits her ability to educate someone on something they may very well have more intellect? Lastly, who did Misery think he was to say who is or is not a hoe, thot, stupid, uneducated, etc. Oh, that’s right… He’s actually nobody in the grand scheme of things because, unless you actually are somebody, we all are nobody.

My twitter rant was clearly much shorter, quick and to the point, but this issue has been something that was bothering me since even before the tweets started to flow. The tweets were the end result from the deletion of all of Misery’s social channels on my end, and quite frankly they were sparing. I can’t get down with any man thinking he knows it all, when it comes to women. Actually, I simply just can’t get down with someone who has to belittle another human being to make themselves feel better, more powerful, smarter, or bigger.





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