WATCH THIS: The Harvest

There’s rarely ever a time I go on Netflix and actually check out a movie that’s on “my list”. I mean, sure… I spend about 50% of my total Netflix experience searching for titles to add to my list because I’m totally going to watch them at a later time, right? Wrong.

Because I am the absolute worst to myself, I heavily rely on friends to suggest things for me to watch. After all, I’ll trust them more than that “Ask Max” crap that seems to no longer be a thing? I’m also lucky enough to have friends that harass me until I watch something they’ve vetted for me with ‘The Harvest’ being the most recent film. In order to accurately decide whether or not you should watch this, I think I should start off by saying I’m not your biggest Sci-Fi lover or cheesy-slasher film fanatic. I love things that make me think…shocker. I don’t like to predict any outcomes of the film, and I’m not the type to read about a Netflix pick beforehand. I just dive right into things and hope for the best.

‘The Harvest’ is a psychological thriller that might have the scoring of a scary film (and even IMDB genre of horror), but don’t worry about any gore, ghosts, unexpected devil-plot twists, etc. If you like a movie that’ll take you on a roller coaster and make you feel stupid for not seeing the ending coming, you should watch this.


If you’ve ever worked in the medical business or know anyone who has, you should watch this too. If neither apply to you, but you value my input – why aren’t you adding it to your Netflix list?

It’s set, of course, in some rural area in a creepy-looking, large house… It follows the challenging journey this married couple has with their ill son, who cannot walk or do pretty much anything for himself. The mom, a certified physician who thinks she knows it all, keeps her son completely secluded from the real world.. I mean, think of the dynamic that Norman Bates and his mom had and amplify it about ten notches. The lady is cray and won’t let her son do much of anything, so it’s to no surprise she doesn’t handle the new neighbor (who, mind you, is the same age as her son) very well…. The father is a total wreck and his marriage is possibly one of the worst I’ve seen in a thriller – you can’t help but feel bad for him until the plot-twist, where you find out…..oops – never mind the spoilers.

You think you know what’s happening, actually no you don’t. The entire time I was so confused with why the mom’s such a bitch, why the dad is so miserable and quiet, why the son has no life, and what the poor new neighbor girl had to do with anything…. But, seriously… the ending clears it all up and answers any question you might have had. The only thing it doesn’t do well is end gracefully. It just kind of ends in a typical shitty to great outcome way, but hey… It’s definitely one of the best thrillers I’ve seen on Netflix (for what it’s worth).




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