Flume – Left Alone feat. Chet Faker (Gravez x Ta-ku Re-remix)

Is it the year of Kendrick Lamar, or….? Even in an incredibly amazing Flume track, one can find the West Coast rapper’s lyrics in the mix. Of course, we’ll have to thank producers Ta-ku and Gravez for the accompanying vocals to the Flume original. Although Ta-ku already remixed “Left Alone” solo, keeping a good chunk of Chet Faker’s vocals in tact, I am not complaining that he now teamed up with Gravez to RE-remix his own remix. After all, Flume x Ta-ku is one combination that can easily dominate the game, so you can never get too much of it.

Punching this version with a double-hitter made of pure talent, Ta-ku and Gravez slow down the BPMs, sedate Chet Faker’s voice (stripping it to a basic wailing) and add the classic chorus from Kendrick’s “Swimming Pools”. The enticing, dark re-remix is a nice edition to the original remix, which is an amazing rendition of the source. Definitely something to add to your late nights mix, if you get my drift.



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