PRODUCT REVIEW: Urbanears’ Humlan (Lilac)

The last time I reviewed a pair of headphones, was when I got my new pair of Frends. I was so excited to get the ultra stylish, rose-gold bass blasters, that I had to share the news with my real friends. If you’re as obsessed with matching your color schemes with the seasons as I am, you’re totally going to understand my need to buy a new pair of headphones though. However, don’t think I’m that vain… My choice to buy these new Urbanears Humlan headphones was decided on more than just my fashion woes.

Yes, the Frends headphones I have are white and rose gold, which meant that in the winter time I locked them away because I tend to gravitate towards darker colors during Fall and Winter seasons. I also refrained from using the headphones whenever I wore silver shoes, bags or jewelry because I do not mix silver and gold (unless it’s naturally made that way). Now in addition to the white clashing with my inner goth, the wiring/string near the volume/audio control button started to thin and strip. In fear of breaking these rather pricey and luxurious headphones, I stopped using them all together. “But Amanda, you said there was a life time warranty in your review?” I thought my warranty for the headphones were in fact for a lifetime, but when I went to the website to try and get it fixed/swap in for new (even refurbished) ones I had been notified that there was no longer any lifetime warranties. (P.S. If you know any place I can go to fix the wiring of headphones, PLEASE comment below).

I needed a new pair of headphones that weren’t my Apple iPhone 5S standards. I wanted to feel the bass; I wanted to hear my music’s clarity again… I also wanted to stay on a budget and get quality material at the same time. VOILA, I found Urbanears’ Humlan headphones, the complete package: you can take the head band and ear cuffs off and throw them in the wash. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I said you can wash the material of these headphones. I chose lilac because it’s my favorite color and it will go perfect in ALL seasons. “Amanda, what if you’re wearing clashing colors?” The beauty about a solid lilac is that I don’t really wear bright colors to begin with, but I can wear gold or silver (metallic is my go to) accessories and not freak out over the headphones clashing.

Pros: The sound is just as great as my Frends’ quality, so I don’t feel like I’m missing out. The solid color is exactly as displayed on the website. The washable material is literally what sold me. You can control your songs and answer calls with the control button. They are light and durable. They were a total of 49.99 (no tax at all – that was the final price). THE BEST PART OF ALL IS I CAN SHARE MY MUSIC WITH FRIENDS because these headphones have a “zoundplug”: “a socket that lets you share your music with a friend. Simply plug another pair of headphones in via the empty outlet on the ear cap and enjoy.”

Cons: You cannot control the volume of the audio with the button – I’m constantly adjusting my volume, so this is going to take some getting used to. The headphones do not cover your entire ear, they simply rest on the ears (it’s not THAT big of a deal to me, but it is different). They do not come with a carrying bag like my Frends did. They cannot be folded up like my Frends.

Overall, I am very satisfied with my purchase even with the cons. At the end of the day you cannot beat 49.99 for washable, reusable and durable headphones.



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