ALTernate Ears’ Top 5 Soundcloud Picks (April 13)

Last week, I announced my new segment on Required Radio’s weekly show REQUIRED MONDAYS. Each week, I pick five tracks from my Soundcloud stream that stand out to me the most. This in no way, shape, or form touches even 1/4 of the music I listen to, but it does give my followers and listeners a good sense of the music I enjoy. Once I have those tracks, I sort them out in Serato and figure out exactly how it’s all going to be mixed together… Yes, I mix this all myself. 

Yesterday’s segment on REQUIRED MONDAYS featured music from Flume, Brazzabelle, Wall, Kat Dhalia, Phony Ppl, Rihanna and more! Check out sounds below and be sure to follow my Soundcloud. If you’re digging the selections, be sure to check out my Top 5 every Monday on REQUIRED MONDAYS at 10PM via


**bonus/bed track**



4. ** It was Rihanna’s “BBHMM” (Young Luxenberg Club Edit) – but Soundcloud deleted it………




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