Required Mondays: bridging the gap between the club and your bedroom

Ever since Soundcloud took the music streaming game by storm, many music fanatics and aficionados have found themselves delving deeper into more sub genres than they could handle.

RM Sharing PicRequired Mondays, a weekly radio show streamed via Required Radio‘s Live 365 channel, has prided itself on finding some of those rare gems that can be easily overlooked during the endless scrolling routine on Soundcloud. Launched by DJ, producer, and Scratch Academy instructor MARVELiTO in March 2014, the show not only includes live mixes from the DJ himself, but also two to three guest mixes from DJs and producers worldwide. Shortly before the show’s one year anniversary, I joined in efforts to elevate the show to another level with both my passion for sharing music and broadcasting history.

Throughout the past year, Required Mondays has worked with incredibly talented artists and shared over 15 unique, underground, and new guest mixes, gaining a profound total of over 36 thousand plays on a Soundcloud account that was created a short two months ago.

We’ve showcased everything from hip hop to club music with sub genres including your traditional house, Jersey Club, Philly Club, and even Vouge falling in between. Our lineup proudly flaunts recent guests including Mad Decent and Deluxxx Records’ Dirty South Joe, Brick Bandit’s Gun$ Garcia, BassBear, JX Cannon, Cartel Music’s Gutta, Swisha Sweet, Depressed Teenager, Spanky Mvck, and much, much more. As Spanky Mvck says, we “give the listeners a chance to hear breaking records live.” Required Mondays has premiered EPs, shared unreleased music, and provided DJs/producers/rappers with a platform to showcase their signature style and art. No matter if you’re actually in a club, working that overtime, or cuddled up in bed with your “bae”, Required Mondays brings the club world straight to the listener, bridging that enormous gap.

For all guest mixes/tracklists, visit Required Monday’s Soundcloud page; if you want to interact during the live tweeting sessions, follow the Twitter account!

*Required Mondays streams live every Monday from 10PM-12AM EST via Required Radio on Live 365: click here for the live stream.

Special thanks to graphic designer Lisa Lok for all logos. Contact her for work:



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