One Last Shag Brings Back the Best of #HOTACTiON

If you’ve been tracking my steps, you might remember the last time I brought up the monthly party “Hot Action”. Created by dance-scene cultivator Josh Novicki and revamped by DJ and Scratch Academy instructor MARVELiTO, Hot Action aimed to gather the creatures of the night in a space that provided nothing but warmth, enthusiasm, and hypnotic beats.

Bringing back the party that had been shut down due to venue closings, MARVELiTO reached out to Bossa Nova Civic club to revive a party that was a major influence in the underground scene. Given the opportunity to host it first on a Tuesday and eventually a Sunday, Marv rounded up producers and DJs that represented everything the party stood for: quality, fun, and unique music. And, although the music was on point, the fog machine was on 10, and there were enough bodies in the room to make it at least look like a shindig – a party it was not. While New York is the “city that never sleeps,” Brooklyn seemed to be full of people that enjoyed their beauty rest more than a good 5 hours dancing on their feet – go figure.

Fast forward a few months later and Hot Action, now known as #HOTACTiON, teamed up with a quaint spot in Bedstuy that was ranked in Gothamist’s top 10 clubs to party at: One Last Shag. General Manager Alex Coleurs could have said no… he could have turned away a party that was a seeming failure. Instead, he gave MARVELiTO one shot, and finally on a good day of the week: A FRIDAY (February 27th, 2015)!

It would be utterly impossible to decompress the excitement and immense success the first #HOTACTiON brought to One Last Shag; it’s one of those “you had to be there to understand” moments. What I can say is Marv brought out some of the best including Webster Hall Basement resident DJ Yamez and rapidly rising Jersey DJ/producer R3LL. And, while I thought Bossa Nova Civic Club’s open environment would be the perfect spot for this party, One Last Shag blew my opinion out the water. The crowd, a bit more diverse in ethnicity, was very perceptive to anything that was dropped; while, Bossa Nova is known to get down with more deeper, housey, hypnotic sounds. There were people from Long Island, The Bronx, New Jersey, Brooklyn, Manhattan and even Queens – all of which struggled to resist the urge to get in the center of the sardine-packed dance floor.

Considering the turnout, Alex decided to bring back the party again this month and of course Marv got even bigger with the guests he selected. Bringing back fellow housemate JX Cannon (who can literally turn up a dying crowd with one track selection) and Yamez, Marv also linked up with Mad Decent’s Gun$ Garcia and Ronaissance to really shake things up.

B_w1wWtUcAEusRMIf you’re unfamiliar with any or all of these names mentioned, this is the perfect party to get acquainted. For those that understand how huge this is, your presence is also welcomed. While I won’t be “reviewing” the party, because you were either there or you weren’t, you can expect some photography done by the homie Ax3l Cloud.

Also, if you were wondering… Yes, that’s me… Right by that Mad Decent logo.




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