If you don’t know what Jersey Club is, #RMG is about to clear all of that up for you.

Founded in 2011, Real Music Group paved a new avenue for young, aspiring artists and provided a platform for DJs and producers to push their music. Created/founded by the Based Prince himself, Trillzjay & Keese, RMG became an intricate music collective including artists from all over New Jersey and New York. Blending the traditional sounds of club music with beats per minute ranging from 130-140, RMG showcases exactly what Jersey Club music is. By taking original tracks, deconstructing them, chopping up vocals, and adding the iconic sounds of Jersey (classic kick patterns, bed squeaks, Ludacris’ “dick” sample, etc.) these guys come out with mind-blowing, creative ways of making their own edits, remixes, and even original tracks.


Following the success of the first installment, RMG & Friends are back with 12 new tracks on Vol. II, the first single of which was Based Prince x HyDef’s Chedda remix to “Flicka Dat Wrist”. The Knightwerk Records–previous releases with UNiiQU3, Traxxx Romay and CVNT TRAXXX–released tape snagged some new contributors along the way including Ronaissance and MARVELiTO, and it also features RMG original members including KU$HCANNXN, $Jayy, and Status.

Flexing and finessing, RMG grabbed an exclusive remix from Cartel Music’s quickly-rising producer Gutta. The vibrant, two step to the left production doesn’t stop at remixes though. Breaking some sultry and funky originals, Vol. II gives us original music from Styles Savage and Al–exclusively dropped in the Tilt Mag mix cooked up by none other than RMG’s MARVELiTO. Authentically gliding over genres varying from r&b to hip hop and even 90’s pop, this is hands-down one of thee most well-thought out projects from any crew coming out of New Jersey right now (especially considering the youngest member in RMG is 16 years old).

Although the tape isn’t set to release until February 23rd, ALTernate Ears had to share it a day early because it was just that good. Catch the exclusive, private premiere below and don’t forget to grab your copy of it tomorrow via Club Tapes 12PM EST!

Now, go and tell em’ where you heard it first:



1. Intro by Tiny
2. Drake – Marvin’s Room ($JAYY x Status Rmx)
3. Chedda – Flicka Dat Wrist (BasedPrince x HyDef Remix)
4. Tinashe – 2 On (Getem x Styles Savage Remix)
5. Nicki Minaj – Want Some More (TrillzJay Remix)
6. Kush Jones – Pussy Trak
7. Scarlet Fever – Peanut Butter (HyDeF Remix)
8. Rae Sremmurd – Up Like Trump (Gutta Remix) [Cartel Music Exclusive]
9. Ronaissance Ft. eXodus – Echo
10. Dougie F – DOPE (KU$HCANNXN x Styles Savage Remix)
11. Tinashe – Days In The West (Phoenix Remix)
12. Spice Girls – Wanna Be ($JAYY Remix)
13. Styles Savage x Al – Stimulation




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