Alan T brings us a new album at “God Speed”

Last year, I shined my spotlight on a rapper based out of Queens, New York: Alan T. While at the time he had only a few songs out, one official video, and an extensive goal list, he has been up to a lot, since the last time we spoke. Whether it was doing his first live performance or dropping his first album this artist has been working.

Speaking of first albums, Alan T gave the world “God Speed” right before 2014 was coming to a close, and sent chills through the ears of many, including mine. Giving us ten tracks to indulge in, Alan showcases his empathetic-kind-of lyricism and fluid vernacular.

Spewing bars over melancholic production like “You Got That” and Homebody”, he penetrates the souls of whichever lucky lady(ladies) inspired the heartfelt love notes. Getting a bit grittier on the album’s intro, “Better than Before”, and “Higher”, Alan stuffs these tracks with pure, energetic, straight-to-the-point bars. Using his art form as an expressional way–because…uhm…that’s what art is–Alan opens up about more personal moments in his tracks “Failure”, “IDK”, and “Hello” (the albums outro).

Overall, Alan boldly faces his internal struggles, worldly influences, and insecurities in order to spread the album’s overall message: “EVERYONE’S SUCCESS IS NOT YOUR FAILURE.

By sharing his raw, honest, and unfiltered thought processes, Alan produces–because, yes, he did produce the entire album–one majestic body of work that can inspire even the most doubtful.

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 10.22.12 AM

Want to learn more about this rapper/producer/visualist? Check out his website right here.



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