Now, that’s what I call music (via 8tracks)

One of my greatest joys, aside from writing about music, is having the ability to share my music. 8tracks, an internet radio and social networking website, grants me the liberty to share my unique sounds with my followers. While, I do make playlists on Soundcloud too, it it’s moreso for my personal organizational use. 8tracks is solely dedicated to those that want specific background music for moods, times of the day, activities, etc.

Now, that’s what I call music is a playlist I curated that blends the hits from the past with the sounds of today. Using the NOW CD idea, I have incorporated some of the greatest hits from the 90’s and 00’s with the eclectic production style of today. Effortlessly owning those nostalgic feels, this playlist will take you on a trip through your childhood, teenage years, and maybe even adulthood. It’s always great to reminisce on what was, but it’s never something we should be stuck on; so, hopefully, you’ll open up those alternate ears and enjoy the sounds that I’ve grouped.

Enjoy xx



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