Nadus – Nxwxrk (DJ Sliink ‘I Run New Jersey’ Remix)

Originally written for RUN THE TRAP:

The King of Jersey Club has done it again, and I’m really not surprised; the only surprise is that this track wasn’t released in time to snag some awards. When it comes to DJ Sliink, you can always expect something monumental, and that is exactly what he gave us with this remix to fellow pioneer Nadus‘ “Nxwxrk“.

Nadus gave us “Nxwxrk” on his Broke City EP, which provided a combination of hip-hop inspired feels and Jersey Club flair. Paying homage to Newark, NJ, Nadus solidified his presence in the game even more than before in addition to opening the doors a bit wider for Jersey Club music with those footwork sounds on “Nxwxrk”. Now, Sliink has walked through those doors and busted down an entire wall with his ground shaking bass, drums, Jersey Club sound and Sliink touch. Don’t let the title fool you though, Sliink isn’t trying to take all the credit when it comes to Jersey:

Nadus is one of my closest friends, in life and music…Like him, I want to keep putting on for Jersey. While it was a masterpiece in its original form, I wanted to add a little Sliink flavor. Hope you all enjoy the remix. #WeRunNewJersey.

Nadus’ Broke City EP is getting a deluxe edition re-release, and this remix is going to be a part of it. For now you’ll just have to admire the track via Soundcloud. And don’t forget to keep up with THUMP’s documentary series on Jersey Club music.




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