THUMP Explores Jersey Club in New Documentary

THUMP has made it a point to examine the phenomenon that has been sweeping the club scene in their three-part, sub-culture documentary. Taking it to the streets of Newark, THUMP spoke with producers and DJs who not only rep the scene but also put on for their city including DJ Sliink, DJ TameilUNiiQU3, Tim Dolla, and Mike Gip.

While it’s taking some time for the mass to fully understand the Jersey Club movement, the pioneers of it all–DJ Tameil, Tim Dolla, Mike V–should be proud of its rapid progression. What started from being a Baltimore Club-influenced sound has stomped its foot into the world with mind-blowing placements. You have DJ Fire and Dougie F performing their hit “Back up on It” on 106 N Park, heavy hitters like DJ Sliink and UNiiQU3 touring across seas, venues including Life Lab and Boiler Room TV noticing the movement, and so much more.

But, Jersey Club is more than just some bed squeaks, kick patterns, and snares: it’s a culture. It’s a movement of positivity and definitely activity, so “If your cardio ain’t right, don’t dance to it.” Jersey Club’s sounds have been known to get the dance floor jumping, but the culture itself has brought together teams of dancers that thrive off of unity. Partying in the heart of Newark and Jersey Club with the people that are pushing this culture is like no other, but like Tim Dolla said, “if you ain’t never been to a Jersey party in Newark with teams, then you’ll never know…”

Well, now you can at least try and get to know…


Stay tuned for the other parts of this documentary that are set to drop in the near future.



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