The introduction of Spanky Mack, the slight farewell to Mike Gip

Having only been in the game for a few years and just turning the legal drinking age a short four months ago, Jersey’s most prolific and creative producers might be calling it quits.

Mike Gip, most recently known as Spanky Mack, took some time to chat with me about his past with Jersey Club, career boost in the club scene, and his future (or lack there of) with club music. You might have heard the 21-year-old producer’s infamous let’s go baby vocals on half of the Jersey Club songs played or even his most famous vocals on the “Booty Bounce” track. With the help and support of DJ Sliink, this Cartel Music family member has blessed the stages of several impressive venues including Webster Hall and Brooklyn Night Bazaar. Starting off, he considered himself as more of a producer than a DJ; however, as time progressed, Mike found himself playing at events more than anything else on top of creating fresh content. Now, the producer/DJ wants to shed his skin and fold over a new leaf by rebranding himself as the artist Spanky Mack. In addition to production of all genres, he wants to show the world why he truly wanted to be an artist in the first place: rap.

In my interview for CLUB JERSEY, we get to learn more about Mike Gip/Spanky Mack; his thoughts on Jersey Club; where he wants to go and how he plans on getting there; what he intends on leaving in the past; and all of the people that inspire him. All respects to one of my recent spotlight’s, Āse, because this interview would not have happened without him.


You can catch Mike Gip one last time, headlining CLUB JERSEY’S special, RSVP-only show next month featuring Āse Manual, DJ R3LL and MARVELiTO at a secret location.

Click here for all of the details.




Catch the full show and interview by clicking the photo below:

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 2.57.52 PM





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