The Alien Queen, Iman Europe, covers PARTYNEXTDOOR

I usually find my musical gems in the wonderfully large world of Soundcloud. About half a year ago, I stumbled upon on beautifully created remix of Drake’s “Going Home” by Jarreau Vandal.

Naturally, being the Drake fan that I am, I immediately downloaded it, tweeted it, and shared it with the interworld. Come to find out, the incredibly talented singer behind the cover is an “alien queen”, who goes by the name of Iman Europe. Lacing each track with some psychedelic soul and r&b, Iman takes listeners on a journey through euphoria. Her voice–unmatched–sets the tone for a very casual, romantic, peaceful environment.

Yesterday, she released a medley of an artist who has everyone recognizing: PARTYNEXTDOOR. “So bascially, “Partynextdoor 2” is the album of the year in my opinion; probably the best project released this year besides my “Hello Mellow” EP (no bias).  I wanted to show respect & cover a [Party] song, but I couldn’t figure out which one! So, I said f*ck it and just put them all together…” (via tumblr)

Iman delicately covers several PARTYNEXTDOOR tracks including Recognize, Thirsty, and Muse all of which are recorded over a ContraBAND production.

We all know I’m a sucker for a good cover and even more for an amazing medley. Press play and fall in love… because you will.


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