MSFTS’ own Jaden Smith releases a new video + song: “Fast”

You might have read his thought-provoking tweets or wondered if he’s really feeling Kylie Jenner. Maybe neither? Regardless, you’re going to want to get to know a little more about rapper/actor Jaden Smith’s music.

While some are still questioning whether or not his lyrics are worth retaining–although the 16 year old is known to touch on several topics that are well beyond his age–this kid has one hell of a flow that’s hard to go unnoticed on his latest track “Fast”. In addition to recently landing a featured spot on Childish Gambino‘s Kauai EP, Jaden has also been working on volume two of his The Cool Cafe: Cool Tape.

The accompanying video for “Fast” shot by Smith’s good friend 490tx–aka that little boy from Hannah Montana aka Moises Arias–is very minimalistic, showing Jaden rolling around in a parking garage and reciting his rhymes in his MSFTS gear. The song itself showcases his double time flow over a spare drum track that was actually produced by himself. Lyrically, he’s still thought provoking. As far as Kylie Jenner? He did tweet the song title with her name mentioned after, and he does spit the following, “sleep[ing] with the girl of my dreams during the week, so when I sleep I see my reality…”

Check out the new video + track below, and decide for yourself…


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