Bringing Williamsburg to Bushwick, HOT ACTION is back!

A few years ago, the “original hipsters”, along with any other kind of people you could find around Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg, New York, would migrate towards a club that unfortunately no longer exists. In particular, one specific monthly event was a stand out, bringing massive crowds out filled with people who were either ready to dance on the bar or put that energy on someone else. Hot Action, an event that used to be held on the last Saturday of every month with resident DJs Fingerscales and Oneauff, was the type of party that prided itself on packing out bars with an extremely diverse crowd and playing an eclectic selection of music.

Josh Novicki–an assister in cultivating the dance scene in the early 2000’s as well as the creator of the event–explained Hot Action as, “an opportunity to throw an open format party at SAVALAS…the most ridiculous party around.” The name, coming organically to Novicki and a friend through conversation, definitely spoke for itself at each event bringing out DJs including GrandWizzard Theodore, Rob  Swift, Teddy King and IXL. Novicki, having also worked at Scratch Academy, has shared the stage/DJ booth with incredibly talented artists including Sharon Jones and the Dapkings, DJ Rupture, Justin Strauss, Lauren Flax, Tiki Disco, and more. Sadly, the closing of the bar back in 2010 meant the end of an incredible era with Hot Action.


Fast forward to present time and we have some new kids on the block–MARVELiTO, Āse Manuál, Based Prince, DJ Tropic–who refuse to settle for mediocre parties and music. The days of “button pushing” and top 40 music may never die, so why should we bury an “anything-goes” kind of party? We shouldn’t, and that is exactly why Hot Action is back: bringing those Williamsburg feels to gritty-ole Bushwick.

Hot Action 1

If anyone has ever been to a Bossa Nova Civic Club party, then the hypnotic and alluring environment the quaint space creates should be no surprise. However, the spicy flavor that this month’s Hot Action will be bringing is definitely like no other. MARVELiTO–DJ and teacher’s assistant at Scratch Academy–has had quite a year, landing his name on the same bills as Sweater Beats, Falcons, and even Jillionaire. Having a passion for organic and unique music, he decided to work alongside Josh Novicki and some of his Bossa Nova family to bring back the event that left everyone hanging.


Keeping the tradition, Marv is also bringing some friends to really switch up the styles of music that are going to be played. Having a strong love for hip hop and club music, Marv decided to bring a bit of Jersey to Brooklyn with the man, who recently asked him to join the RMG team aka the CEO: Based Prince. Fellow Jersey producer/DJ Āse Manuál, who is quickly rising, will also be blessing the booth.


And, putting the heat in Hot Action is Miami native DJ Tropic. With the ability to effortlessly blend a combination of genres, this guy has more flavor than a Cubano.


It’s been four years, since the freaks came out to play, and there is no telling what may happen this Sunday. All I can say is, you don’t want to miss the RE-debut of one of the best events you’ll ever get to experience. Just come out and play, what’s the worst that could happen?


Bossa Nova Civic Club
Sunday, September, 28, 2014

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