VOL. IV (Alan T)

Don’t let the introverted, lowkey demeanor fool you, this Queens, New York native is definitely someone you should have under your radar…

Alan T–rapper, director, and producer–is what I’d like to call a hybrid of new school vs. old school in the hip hop world. By maintaining the integrity of lyricism in his music, while also showcasing relevance, and uniqueness, through his symmetric production, Alan grows off of a new branch in hip hop.

Having a well-known Bronx, New York 80’s DJ as a father, Alan has always been around music. Naturally, he dabbled into the art of DJing with respect for his father’s talents, but he always knew he wanted more, “Rap was always there. I was always freestyling with my friends and stuff…I really started DJing for the sake of me just wanting to be like my dad.”  Fast forward a few years later, and it’s almost inevitable to acknowledge the witty and slick artist that Alan has matured into.

Being fed inspiration from one of the greatest, Kanye West, Alan explains why this inspiration is important. “Ill like anything thats not formulaic music. I’m constantly searching for what could be the new “sound”; I’m a producer as well, so I need to hear something that inspires me to write.” Inspiration is just another bonus to his support system: his family and friends. Having the support of those he cares for as well as those who encourage him to publish his music is something any artist needs behind them.

“I have talented friends, who inspire me; I’m continuing my dad’s legacy.  The fact that I can possibly change the world…well, not the world exactly, but SOMEBODY’S world is dope…”

His music has already been covered/featured on outlets including Voiceless Music, The Word is Bond , and Rappa Life, but Alan wants a lot more in the next five years, “I want to be performing on a stage in front of thousands of people.” It’s only a matter of time before this soulful, mastermind of an emcee is doing just that. For right now, you got your first dose of Alan T right here on ALTernate Ears.

Want to know more about this Queens, New York emcee? Follow his Soundcloud.


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