VOL. III ( Āse Manuál)

Jersey Club music: a particular type of club music and offshoot of Baltimore Club that incorpoorates strong roots in hip hop and r&b with BPMs in the 130-140 range.

The pioneers of this genre–DJ Tameil and Tim Dolla of the Brick Bandits Crew–have paved the way for some impressively new and refreshing twists, furthering its prevalence. Heavy hitters like DJ SliinkNadus, and UNIIQU3 have effortlessly showcased the longevity of Jersey Club, while others including Cashmere Cat have uniquely supported the genre. Then, there are the up and comers, who are quickly showing everyone why Jersey Club is relevant and how they intend on furthering its popularity.

This month’s artist spotlight, Āse Manuál (formerly known as “Ace Boogie”), is a part of the latter batch. Born and raised in New Jersey, the mysterious producer–I say this because you probably won’t find a recent picture of him–has slowly but surely popped his head up in the Jersey Club scene. Having always been into music from a time he can’t even recall, it was no surprise that he grew a strong love for production in 2007. But, the state of club music has quickly changed from then and now. “Man, since I’ve been back on the scene, it was a huge shocker for me to see how much the culture has grew. I see kids from the other side of the world making “Jersey Club music” now which is fu**ing dope. Also, there are more established guys that are stepping out of their primary genres to put their own spin on it. That type of stuff is good for the culture because, now, there’s a constant push for growth that was missing a really long time ago.”

Having multiple open doors to walk through in this genre has provided Manuál and others with the opportunity to freely express their creativity. The word “genre” means little to nothing now, considering the state electronic music itself is currently in; boundaries are being broken and rules are being bent. Even with all of the creativity, there has to be a spark before there’s a flame; for Āse that spark is his daily routine. “Right now for me it’s [all about] what inspires my work. I could be inspired by my day, like the way I feel when I get into the lab. I could make some dope, hard-hitting bass, heavy type stuff or some chill, relaxed vibes; it all depends. I can get inspired by seeing my peers do well or by hearing a simple sound or sample.”

Currently, Āse can be found somewhere shaking hands and re-introducing himself to the club world, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t working. Some of his upcoming projects include tracks with DJ J HeatHoodrat, Obseen and a maybe not-so-secret project with The Twilite Tone. His past work even includes an unreleased track with Newark’s own Nadus, “I wonder, if he remembers this…[it’s] called “Grab a Girl”. I don’t think anyone’s ever gonna hear it though (lol)…” 

When asked, who his favorite artists were, he definitely wasn’t shy to admit the stagnant state of hip hop. “I don’t have any favorite rappers right now; they are all copying each other, so I’ll go with producers: Sliink, Fire, Rell, Cashy, Obseen, and Nadus…” While he can easily name some of his favorite producers, naming people he’d love to collaborate with was a bit more challenging; however, his eclectic list gives us a bit more insight on his alternate ears: “My list could go on for days there’s so many dope people out here, but I’ll leave you with four: Ms.Badu, Beach House, The Weeknd, and Cashmere Cat.”

Even though he’s still only knee-deep into the game, Āse has already figured out his five-year plan, envisioning himself on a third Europe tour living out the dream. Given an ultimatum of either having a family and being an average producer or not being able to have a family but becoming the biggest producer, Āse surprisingly (or maybe not so surprisingly considering his hunger) chose the latter. “I choose [to not have a family]. I’m sure my brother or sister will have kids, so I’ll love them just the same.”

His dedication and passion for music itself is definitely a refreshing site to see within this industry and world. Regardless of many of the negative connotations Jersey Club music has seemed to be receiving lately, it doesn’t seem like it’s going to go anywhere. Some call it the new “trap”, which was once called the new “dubstep”. Yes, these genres have been rapidly changing, which may make it seem like it’s “new”, but that’s far from the case; it’s just evolving, much like anything else that exists on this planet. If you didn’t know before, you definitely know now… After all, how can you not want to break it down when you hear those beds squeak?

For more information on Jersey Club music, google it and get lost. For more information on Āse, checkout his Soundcloud.


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