Renny Ren, a rapper hailing from Queens, New York, hits us with some new visuals that show us all exactly why we should “vote 4 Ren”. Taking on a more laid-back approach with his tracks, this Filipino rapper separates himself from all other candidates that have more of a traditional, gritty New York sound; and, while his sound may not be the “norm”, his New York influences are still most definitely identifiable, “I listened to a lot of Dipset; Cam was the man…”  The relaxed bars Ren drops can also be traced back to his influences from “old school Snoop Dogg”.

His singles including “Wanna Be“, “Supa Star“, and “Vibe” all represent the different type of flows he’s capable of spewing out, which make it a bit more challenging to categorize or compare him. While his lyrical flow and bars can all be credited to his own talent, he definitely shows an enormous amount of love to his brand and crew Vote 4 Us: including producers Neeko Powerz and Okinde and photographer/videographer Nick. To top it all off, Ren even has the backing of both DJ Clark Kent and DJ Stretch Armstrong, giving him a bit more of that “street cred”.

There’s no doubt that in due time Ren will have a good chunk of the tri-state voting for him, but that’s a musically political stance you should decide on your own.

Xavier Webber is a New York based photographer, who has an undercover love for music journalism. Checkout his work!



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