VOL. II (jLaSol)

From speaking words to rapping lyrics, jLaSol found his true passion in writing. Born and raised in a Christian Queens, New York household, jLaSol–formally known as Joshua King–wasn’t always a rapper. Having always been a “decent” writer in the schooling system, J began writing poetry his freshman year of high school, “I always felt lost as a person…I felt like I was always looking outside of myself in school, like what is my purpose here? Are these classes going to help me find where I need to be? After a while, I stopped looking outside, started looking in, and found inspiration in myself. I discovered I was an artist, and it came out in writing.” Getting his name from a combination of the sun and soul, J aims to put exactly that into his music. Explaining that jLaSol means Jay of the sun, he predicts he can shed some light into the darkness; he can provide comfort for those that sorrow. In the same sense, the name plays on the word “soul”, standing in place of his own soul that is trapped in his body waiting to be exhaled through the words he rhymes.

Feeling so much love and passion for music, particularly hip hop and rap, J decided to bridge the gap between spoken word and rap later on during his high school years. He stresses the importance of good music, considering the fact that music is and around everywhere, “I think the game needs changing and I’m here to make that change. I personally think music is awesome, and if there’s anyone out there–even one person out of the billions on this planet–who can relate to my music and my words, then I’ll know I did my job.

unnamed-1His biggest inspirations come from taste makers including Kanye West, Kid Cudi, and Nas; however, those are some big shoes he’ll need to fill during the duration of this path. We’re living in the digital age: a time where every and anyone has access to being the “next best thing” in their respective genres. And, while some consider J’s sound to be similar to his three influences combined but still a bit underdeveloped, J is conscious of the progress he needs to make. “As a person, I’m going to grow. There will be new trials and tribulations, and they’ll all be learning experiences. I’m sure to make more mistakes; things happen, you live and you learn. You take what you learn, use it to grow, and apply it to the music; 2014 is my year, look out for me boy!!

He claimed 2014, and by the looks of it he’s already making great efforts at tackling it. He’s come out with his own personal blog that’ll showcase all of his photos, shows, and art including his first love: spoken word. He’s even started some friendly competition via Vimeo. “I want to raise the bar way past what rapping is now. Music is love and I believe it should be treated as such.”

Now, he’s here on ALTernate Ears to premiere his new single off of his ‘Walking Home Alone’ summer mixtape: “Soul“. Putting everything he had into the track, he is also giving his friends, family and fans an accompanying video. Perfectly showcasing his love for both spoken word and rap, the video provides viewers a glimpse of his fusion. Check it out below and keep him on your radar. He can only get better from here!

Soul from The Lords on Vimeo.

To learn more about jLaSol checkout his blog over here. Use the comment section below to express your thoughts on this up and coming rapper and his music.



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