Behind the Twitter: @SachaMelki

You might have seen him at a festival, or met up with him at a concert. You probably follow him on twitter and patiently wait for the next hit he’s going to tweet about. But, do you really know who @SachaMelki is?


Gaining over 82,000 followers after joining the well-known social media site in February of 2012, this Twitter maven has created a loud buzz within the online electronic dance music community and family. Sacha Melki, your average 20-year-old living in Canada, is from a small city situated in the south of France: Montpellier.

Melki originally found his love for electronic music in 2005, and some of his love can be credited to rap music, “I was listening to rap quite often but, coming from France, I never understood the words; [so I] only focused on the beats, which is why I really love trap music.” Anyone who follows him knows his twitter is all about electronic music and promoting good artists. One would easily think he gets press passes or freebies because of his large influence in the social media world; however, he begs to differ. “It would be awesome for me to get all access passes to large shows–haha–that would save me so much money, [but I don’t]…All I do on Twitter is just for fun and for people to understand what music is really about…I’ve always loved sharing the new songs I find with my friends, so I decided to do it on Twitter as well. I love showing people more than the usual stuff. I listen to the usual stuff too but there’s SO MUCH more than that. Maybe one day what I do on Twitter brings me a good career opportunity in the future… who knows?

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 4.05.02 PMWhile he tends to promote mostly dubstep and house, you can definitely find some other gems including trap and chillwave embedded in his tweets and reposted on his soundcloud. People–and twitter accounts–like him tend to come a dime a dozen, so what makes him so special? Priding himself on promoting quality, underground music in order to educate the masses without seeking anything in return is the main reason behind the sudden interest to go “behind the twitter” with Sacha. “I’ve been doing it for fun since the beginning and will continue to do so for a long time. I have no goal out of this…I go with the flow and how everything comes to me…I know that I have a lot of followers that have the same passion as me–dance music–and I make sure to tell them that it’s all about the love for music; I like helping them understand that music is the most important [thing] about a show. Not the girls, not the lasers, lights, screens etc. It’s all about the music, the rest is a bonus.”

And, with any good thing comes the bad… What ticks off this EDM lover? “Unfortunately, a lot about EDM artists annoy me. I feel like a lot of artists just do it for the money instead of doing it because they actually love the music. It’s very unfortunate but I guess that’s how it is. They consider it more as a job than an actual passion. Not every artist, but a lot of them. [Also], people who go to shows to take mollies and don’t even know the artist, people who relate PLUR to EDM, and girls who fangirl on artists for looks instead of musical talent.” Regardless of the minor downfalls that come with all of the greatness within the electronic world, there is only one thing Sacha wants ALL his fans to take home with them:

Music > drugs
Music > kandis 
Music > PLUR
Music is what it’s all about. It’s important to make that clear… When you go to rave, it’s all about the music–the love and passion for the music. I think the rest doesn’t really matter.

Do you feel like you understand the man behind the twitter account? Want to learn more? Comment below and ask  your questions… Email for your chance to go “Behind the Twitter”.



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