Carnage ft. Migos – “Bricks”

Carnage and Atlanta rap trio Migos have teamed up to create a REAL trap banger, “not all of that wanna be rap/trap shit,” as Carnage says. Carnage promised his Chipotle Gang that he would be coming out as a new Carnage —“the Carnage that is gonna take the world by storm…” — and if anyone doubted that, they got him figgidy, figgidy, f*cked up.

The accompanying World Star Hip Hop Video for “Bricks” showcases the four lounging like true bosses on a yacht and in the clubs with a few pretty ladies by their sides. The uptempo beat laced under that one-of-a-kind Migos flow has locked in some major heat for all the summer festivals to come. Looks like Carnage’s dreams are becoming reality, while Migos are living out their fantasies– check it out!

Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 1.18.10 PM



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