It takes a certain type of DJ that’s able to effortlessly fuse several genres–hip-hop, r&b, dancehall, electronic–with Serato vinyls on Technic turntables; DJ MARVELiTO, also known as “Marvel” or “Marv”, is the jack of many trades that falls into this category.

Marv is a Brooklyn bred, Massachusetts native that found his love for DJing at the ripe age of 12, when he saw a DJ perform at a school function. “He just had everyone vibing out, and I knew I needed to do that,” Marv explained. Having a strong background in multiple genres including hip hop, r&b, jazz, funk, chicago-style house, freestyle, salsa, and more, MARVELiTO has always had a knack for incorporating multiple sounds within a set. His extensive portfolio/resume has impressed the veterans at NYC’s Scratch Academy, landing him a position as a Teacher’s Assistant where he teaches 101 and intermediate classes: basic scratching and mixing.

Having only been a DJ for a decade, MARVELiTO has managed to land himself on several impressive bills:

Red Bull’s THRE3STLE University 1st Place Winner

Hofstra’s 2014 Music Fest featuring ASTR, SZA, Young the Giant, and Vic Mensa

Hofstra’s 2012 Music Fest featuring A$AP Rocky & Foxy Shazam

Hofstra Concert’s 2012 Freak Formal featuring A-Trak and Flosstradamus

Brooklyn Wildlife’s 2013 Summer Festival featuring Suzi Analouge, Buckshot, + more

Hofstra Concerts featuring Michael Christmas and Cam Meekins

Webster Hall featuring Overwerk, Dotcom, and Subset

Bounce Boat featuring Sweater Beats and Falcons

BB Kings with DJ Ronaissance and Jillionaire

Hot Action at BossaNova Civic Club 

Marv has also headlined and spun shows at a variety of venues across the NorthEast U.S. including:

Atlantic Nightclub (Springfield, MA)
Higher Ground (Burlington, VT)
The Red Barn at Hampshire College (Amherst, MA)
DJ’s On The Hill (Syracuse University, NY)
Crown Victoria (Williamsburg, BKNY)
WreckRoom Bar: Monthly with DJ HenryC & DJ Tim Martell (Williamsburg, BKNY)
BK Launch Pad (Flatbush, BKNY)
 Scratch Academy (New York, NY)
 Diva’s Nightclub (Northampton, MA)
Bishop’s Lounge (Northampton, MA)
Monkey Bar (Amherst, MA)
B-Bar (Holyoke, MA)

If the man wasn’t busy enough, he also has a residency with nationally ranked WRHU, providing live mixes as well as bringing in guest DJs every Friday night for Electro Kitchen. Being that his musical background can get a little too raunchy–for lack of a better term–for the FCC, he also holds a residency with internet radio station, Required radio, where he broadcasts a new mix every Monday night.

Teaching at scratch, making weekly mixes, DJing events, and networking may sound like a load for most, but it’s the daily routine for Marvelito. The future can only tell what Marv has in store for us next, but for now… let’s just say he’s got a lot more great surprises coming your way. Keep up with him over at MARVELiTO.com.



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