The Hudson Project music festival releases full lineup

The Hudson Project has finally blessed its patient fans with the full lineup for its three-day music festival. After a long-awaited, hype-surrounding lineup release, the “round 2” of artists was announced on the festival’s Instagram account.

The additional 19 artists will be alongside some incredible artists from a wide range of genres. The Hudson Project has made strong efforts to appeal to a wide audience, and they’ve completed that goal by including artists such as BassnectarKendrick LamarAction BronsonSZAMobyFlying LotusFlatbush ZombiesIsaiah RashadBro SafariAudrey NapoleonExmagNick Catchdubs, and so much more.

HP full lineup

The three-day camping-optional festival–that will be held on the historic Winston Farm, former home of Woodstock ’94–will be celebrating the very best in today’s music and arts with their impressive batch of artists and exceptional amount of art installations and activities. With four stages, plus a fifth live performance space, and high-end food/drinks, attendees will find themselves enjoying the best “home away from home” this MCP Presents festival can offer. More information about pricing, camping, artists, rules, food/drinks, etc. can be found on their website.

So, who will I be seeing July 11-13?


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