NEW VIDEO: Chynna Rogers “Glen Coco”

Chynna Rogers for you, Glen Coco! YOU GO GLEN COCO.

Philly-native rapper Chynna drops a new video for a track that has the potential to be her new summer banger, “Glen Coco”. Shouting out a rising classic movie, Mean Girls, without making any reference to it other than the title, the female MC provides a refreshing combination of sounds similar to fellow Philadelphia native rappers Eve & Meek Mill. The gritty, quick-witted bars laced over the menacing Cloud Atrium production give listeners and fans one sweet treat (but four for Glen Coco, of course.) The accompanying video gives us four solid minutes of Chynna’s flawless bars and effortless (feisty) grace. 

Having already brought some heat to the kitchen after collaborating with A$AP Ant and Twelvyy, Chynna is definitely giving everyone a reason to keep an eye on her.

Check out the video below!

Xavier Webber is a New York based photographer, who has an undercover love for music journalism. Checkout his work!

Xavier Webber: Twitter



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