8tracks launches its new iPhone App and its gorgeous!

8tracks, a startup music playlist website that I am obsessed with, recently released a new iOS 7-friendly version of their iPhone app. The IOS 3.0 update features, “refreshingly human playlists, available now everywhere on planet Earth,” as stated on their website. The new version comes with a completely redesigned interface and a simpler user experience; the all white background gives it that sleek feel with a hint of class… After all, they do have a lot of competitors out there, so they need to keep it classy.

After launching the new version, 8tracks has made the user experience a lot easier, cleaner and smoother. Taking on a few ideas from other IOS 7-friendly apps, they use the technique of the “swipe”. The main page presents a horizontal timeline of playlists made by REAL PEOPLE (yes, that’s still a thing), and if you swipe right you can see your playlist history… The days of forgetting what you listened to are OVER. By swiping to the left, you can also see what’s “coming up” based on your search history.

What really sets this app apart from others is the option to find and curate playlists by not only genres and activities, but also by MOODS. Everyone has those days, where they aren’t really looking for a particular artist, song, or album; well, with this app you can find music based on your current state of mind. It’s really a blessing, guys; I’m getting emotional just thinking about it…

“If you think about what’s different about 8tracks is that it’s fundamentally a community,” founder and CEO David Porter told Tech Crunch’s Romain Dillet via phone interview.

And, while this 6-year-old baby is still finding ways to get more people interested and involved, it is already doing better than Songza, Rdio and other playlist streaming apps, raising over $1.2 million in 2011.

The app is available on IOS and Android devices, providing a wide range of users the same, beautiful, fun, and musical experience.


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