Red Bull Music Academy Festival: The Dance Styles of Bounce Ballroom

Red Bull’s Music Academy is known for celebrating and embracing the history of music. They kicked off their month-long celebration on May 1st at Williamsburg’s Brooklyn Night Bazaar. Bounce Ballroom, a four dance style, crew and DJ event that paid tribute to hyper-local traditions that have made a global impact, was definitely a night to remember. Some of the most influential DJs in their respective club sounds such as Bobby KondersDJ Mike QTodd TerryDJ Sliink and Mike Gip were all in attendance. 

Music is obviously a large part of the history RBMA is celebrating, but they’re also celebrating DANCE. I was lucky enough to have a chat with a few well-known dancers–Leiomy, Drew Dollaz, and Eriko–and learn more about the history of the incorporation of dance and music.

You can check it out over at!



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