Craze, Codes and Kill the Noise wreck Music Hall of Williamsburg

T’was an early night in the heart of North Williamsburg, when all of the Brooklyn-goers got a special tasting of some Slow Roast served up by none other than Slow Roast Records label–distributed by A-Trak and Nick Catchdub’s Fools Gold Records–owners DJ Craze and Kill the Noise. As many already know the boss hogs behind Slow Roast Records have very diverse musical backgrounds. So naturally, the Music Hall of Williamsburg show was bound to be an aurgasmic success.

The tasting started at 8pm with a set from Craze’s fellow floridian DJ friend, Louie Arson and slowly progressed around 9pm as Mr. Brooklyn Bounce, better known as Codes, graced the decks with his funky sounds. Codes, dropping his hit tracks like C.U.F.I, turned up the heat with some proper house vibes and funky beats, and the crowd progressively got anxious. Unfortunately, there were some stragglers in the crowd that weren’t sure how to get down to the funk; you know, the “two left feet” syndrome. Anyways, as 10pm began to approach, Codes periodically asked, “Are you ready for my boy Craze?!”, and the crowd sent back a screeching vocal current response of “yes”.

The lights went out, the hands went up and all that was heard for a split second was faint scratching from the scratch nerd himself, DJ Craze. Blending the sounds of house, hip hop and moombah, Craze had even the DANCE FLOOR sweating from set start to finish. It was so crazy that several girls tried to shake what their momma gave ’em on stage until they were kindly asked by Craze, himself, to get off (LOL). One girl took that rejection like a champ and ended up crowd surfing her way off; it was pretty EPIC. The blaring speakers infiltrated all of the souls in the crowd, and some even had to pop in some neon-orange earbuds provided by the Slow Roast crew; safe partying was definitely practiced. And, if you were observant enough, you should have noticed A-trak blessing the stage for a split second before returning into the crowd to enjoy the rest of his homie’s set. Craze ended with some dirty scratching to Dr. Dre’s “The Next Episode”. That man was juggling the track on both sides of his turntables facing the crowd, with his back to the crowd and even under his own legs. It ain’t considered showing off, if you’re just good at something….right?

Craze passed the torch to fellow Slow Roaster, Kill the Noise around 11pm, and that’s when things got even more insane. The Rochester EDM talent had bodies rubbing, tounges touching and gloves glowing in the crowd. There was a lot of Ape Drum and jungle sounds (similar to Martin Garrix’s “Animals”) blaring through the speakers, which had everyone doing this double-stomp type of dance. And, if there were any wallflowers, he made sure to drop, “If you ain’t come to dance, then what the f**k did you come for?”, which settled everything. Downstairs, where the bathroom and coat check resided, were lounge sofas and televisions for fans to enjoy the Slow Roast show without the ear damage (aka the baby ravers’ pin). Light-up hula hoops were spinning around the bodies of many, as others sat and enjoyed that show. Kill the Noise blended his tracks together effortlessly, which made for an awesome crowd experience both on the dance floor and in the basement.

Craze and Kill the Noise ended the show with a back-to-back performance that sent everyone home hungry for more of their roast. Sadly, we’ll have to wait for them to do another monumental show like this. However, all DJs that were a part of this night are in mutual agreement that the idea should become a reality. Only time will tell. Until then, we’ll just have to stalk their Soundcloud.

DJ Craze | Kill the Noise | Codeshouse

*Event covered for Elektro Magazine*



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