Laidback Luke & friends at Pacha NYC !

There comes a time in a girl’s life, when a good night out in the city is well-needed and deserved. This past Friday, I let my hair loose, threw my hands in the air and danced the night away at New York City nightclub, Pacha.

What was originally supposed to be “Super You & Me Halloween” at Pier 94, became “Laidback Luke & Friends” at Pacha. Due to permit issues, Pacha was not able to hold the event at Pier 94, thus moving it to their NYC venue; ticket buyers had the option of using their Pier 94 ticket at Pacha or requesting a full refund.

My anxiety was in full effect as I entered through the “special entrance” on 45th street and 11th avenue. I already knew my ears were in for the progressive house and big room treat, but Los Angeles production-duo, gLAdiator, started off the night with their signature trap/hip-hop. I LOVE gLAdiator and their music; nobody likes to throw “dem elbows” more than this gal right here, but it didn’t fit with the rest of my night. I ignored that factor, “trapped out”, and continued to feed good vibes into my body. As the night unfolded, I felt my legs working harder than a runner in a 10K race. Deniz Koyu, house producer, had the halloween-themed dance floor literally shaking with his pulsating and hypnotic sounds. All of the anxiety I entered the venue with was immediately released during his set. I had been dying to hear a progressive house set in a club-like venue, so the fact that his set was nearly flawless made this experience even GREATER! I ended my night with the tender sounds of the man of the hour: Laidback Luke. Everyone got closer to the stage as they heard his name being announced, and all of the costumed-people threw their hands up in unison. No matter which direction my head turned, someone was dancing and having a great time. Whether it was the group of gorgeous drag queens who were fiercely twerking it or the “slutty superheroes” that were doing the “Jersey Shore”, everyone was at Pacha that night for the same reason: to release themselves! It was definitely a night to remember, and I’m grateful to have seen such talented producers live!

Also! A special and grand thanks to Electro Kitchen from 88.7 FM Radio Hofstra University for holding the contest that granted me TWO free tickets.



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