“Nothing Was the Same”, not even the remixes.

We’re almost at the two week mark of Canadian rapper Drake’s “Nothing Was the Same” album release, and the remixes are slowly creeping through the door.

After high anticipation for Drake’s third studio album, “Nothing Was the Same” had and still has a lot of mouths buzzing. Drake had people hungry for his new music after releasing his infamous anthem, “Started From the Bottom“, and then thirsty for the album after showing a different side of him with “Hold On, We’re Going Home“.  Whether he is singing over a melancholic beat with the help of Majid Jordan and Jhene Aiko, or spitting bars over an experimental or bass-heavy beat, Drake has proven that he is here to make music and will be here for a while whether we like it or not. Being that “Nothing Was the Same” was at the top of many download lists, remixing tracks off of the album is the perfect opportunity for producers to explore AND showoff their creativity.

The album itself explores and portrays a different side of Drake, while not steering too far away from the Drake that we’d like to think we “know”. YES, You’re going to get the bedroom-friendly tracks. You’re going to get the tracks that make you want to “mean mug”. You’re going to get the radio-friendly tracks that your parents probably like. That’s why this album is classic. It’s always somewhat painful listening to an album that sounds like the same track after track after track; diversity is key! Drake gives a little bit of everything to satisfy a larger crowd. It’s more about the bigger picture, and he gets that.

The same applies for some of the awesome “Nothing Was the Same” inspired remixes. The remix-artist list includes electronic production duos THUGLI and Free Drinkz, and the remix genres range from deep house to trap. If you like the album and have an interest in remixes, you might like the songs below.. Check them out!

[“Worst Behavior”- TRAP]

[“Too Much”- DEEP HOUSE]

[“Too Much”- TRAP/BASS]



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