Speaker of the day: iHM61

Music has to go with me literally wherever I go. The one problem with this addiction is I cannot always play my music as loud as I want to because I never have a speaker that A. I want to carry around and B. is portable and does not require batteries.

The speakers that I have used in the past that require batteries have always died at the most inconvenient times because I never knew when they were going to go out. Other portable speakers I was not able to just throw in my bag and head out the door. because they were quite heavy.

When I was given these mini portable iHome  speakers (model iHM61) I think the gates of musical heaven opened up to me. Not only are they portable, but you can recharge them through the USB chord that comes with it. When it’s fully charged the light on the front is blue, and when it’s dying it turns red.. Convenient, right? Now here’s where it gets cooler, these speakers have a built in color changing LED that allows the middle of the speaker (when opened) to change through several different colors or remain on one color.  This speaker may fit in your palm, but the bass and sound it provides is enough to fill an entire room, yet quiet enough not to disturb others next to you on the beach.

I have used the speaker with my Mac, iPhone, iPod and just about anything that could use a little boost in sound. I absolutely LOVE this mini speaker and it’s inexpensive which makes it even better. Being that I already had a iHome home product (that is no longer sold on the website), I already had a feeling I would love the quality of the mini.

If you can grab your hands on one of these babies, DO IT. Well, that is if you love convenience, quality and music all in one.



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