Camp Bisco 2013 FULL Recap

I have prolonged this recap long enough (three weeks to be exact) for good reasoning. One being that I didn’t want to fully admit to myself that the best three days of my current existence are officially over, and two being I wanted to get Camp Bisco‘s recap videos and include them in my post. I’ll take you through my journey, day by day, and set by set; I want you to understand why this weekend was such an important weekend of my life.

A little background information: Camp Bisco is a music and arts festival–hosted and centered around Philadelphia jam-band, The Disco Biscuits–that brings together people from all states including New York and Georgia to name a few. The festival is held in Albany, NY at the Indian Lookout Country Club and is guarded/regulated by a badass motorcycle club some may know as “Hell’s Angels“. The 12th annual festival was the most recent one, and that is the one I attended.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013:

Boston's absolutely beautiful Bunker Hill bridge taken by my iPhone 4S.
Boston’s absolutely beautiful Bunker Hill bridge taken by my iPhone 4S.

I traveled all the way to Boston to meet my “Bisco team”, even though the festival is in Albany, for three reasons. One, I wanted to visit Boston/Lowell, Massachusetts. Two, it cost me six dollars total for a roundtrip ticket to meet the driver. Three, everything we needed for Camp Bisco was in Mass., so it was easier. We all ranted and raved about how awesome the weekend was going to be, not knowing that it was going to be better than awesome, great or anything else we could’ve fathomed.

Thursday, July 11, 2013:

We slept for MAYBE two hours before we got on the road at 4am to head to the festival. While everyone else complained about being stuck in traffic/lines for eight or more hours, we only waited a maximum of four to get in the cell-phone service sucking pit, get checked, set up and soak in our environment.

Check out the awesome team shirts we had for our first day (each name was different):

#teambisco12 shirts, made by Zach.
#teambisco12 shirts, made by Zach.

We eventually changed….

The three of us!
The three of us!

We explored the camp grounds, got familiar with navigating our way from our tents to the stages/tents (a decently long walk, and even longer once we were exhausted). The acts that we saw on Thursday: Destructo, Cherub, Cosby Sweater, Koan Sound, Mackelmore & Ryan Lewis, Seven Lions, RL Grime, Flux Pavilion, Flosstradamus, Alvin Risk, UZ, Dillion Francis and Boys Noize.


Koan Sound was incredibly awesome. I had no idea who they were until that day, and I was pleasantly surprised with their electronic set. We danced our way over to see Mackelmore (I am not a fan of him at all, but he was there- so why not?) who played all three songs I knew, and I actually enjoyed myself and sang along. RL Grime absolutely destroyed his set! Not only was I trapping out the entire time, but so was everyone else. I would look up/around every now and then from my trance and notice everyone bouncing, raising arms and enjoying themselves. It was amazing! Flux Pavilion made the crowd go nuts, in a great way. Flosstradamus, the “kings of trap”, definitely showed us why they should be respected. Not only did they “TURN UP” but they showed out. UZ was definitely my FAVORITE from the night. I don’t even know how to express in words how hard I went when UZ came out. My body twerked and jerked and twisted in ways I didn’t know it could. I fell in love. The Boys Noize set was the last set we went to, and just when we thought we were ready to head back to the tent- the alluring sounds of Dogblood’s Chella Ride turned us right back around. We definitely released all of the pent up jitters through the set.

WE ALSO got to go to the “Silent Disco” which was the funniest thing ever. Here’s what it was: you go to a separate part on the camp grounds, grab a pair of wireless headphones and listen to two different DJ’s that are performing on stage (you choose between Channel 1 and Channel 2). When everyone has their headphones on, it’s as if we are at a concert and it’s pretty sweet. Once you take those badboys off, it is completely silent and it’s as if everyone is dancing around to silence (LOL). It was definitely a memorable and funny experience.


I don’t really remember Seven Lions’ set, which means they weren’t awesome enough for me to have a lasting impression on me. Alvin Risk really disappointed me. I thought I would’ve liked his set way more than I did.. I kind of got bored mid set. Dillion Francis was good, but he wasn’t AMAZING. I found myself over him towards the later half of his set as well.

Friday, July 12, 2013:


We ended Thursday a little earlier than expected (due to our version of “jet lag”), so we were definitely energized and ready to take Friday by storm, but there weren’t a lot of acts that we wanted to see (oh, the irony)! We saw:

The Werks, Indaba Remix Winner (I don’t know his name), Clockwork (RL Grime’s other persona), Wolfgang Gartner, Bassnectar, and Baauer.


Clockwork was absolutely sick, amazing, dope and any other adjective to describe a good time. Wolfgang was awesome, especially since it was my first time seeing him. He definitely satisfied my house cravings. BASSNECTER!!! He was definitely my favorite set of the day. I was at least a mile away from the stage (that’s how packed it was for him) and I could still feel the bass of his music infiltrating my chest. I literally thought the bass was strong enough to lift me up and spin me around in the air. He was so insane that he literally BROKE THE STAGE!!! It was extremely muddy (more like quicksand) and the stage got sunken in, and they had to shut it down INDEFINITELY after his set. Baauer had everyone trapping out and doing the harlem shake. I was really excited to see him and I was definitely more than satisfied with his set.

Oh, here’s a never-before-released selfie of myself as a “night-time flower girl” for Bassnectar:

Me :)
Me 🙂


I’m almost positive we saw more acts during this day, but they weren’t memorable enough. We got food from the food trucks and literally inhaled it in two seconds… 😦

Saturday, July 13, 2013:

Sorry.. I have no pictures of us from this day–we were all literally a mess in more ways than one–but enjoy this artwork of Danny Brown that we saw at the festival:

Danny Brown graffitti (I'm not too sure of the artist)
Danny Brown graffitti shot taken by my iPhone 4S

This day was ACTION PACKED and probably more of a shit show (for lack of a better term) than anything. We got to see:

Zoogma, Audrey Napoleon, HeRobust, Heroes x Villains, Passion Pit, Grandtheft, Gramatik, The Disco Biscuits, and it all went downhill from there…


Audrey Napoleon kicked ass on stage. This was my first time seeing her as well as a female DJ perform live and it was amazing. She had such stage presence that I haven’t seen from anyone else, and that deep-house was an immediate body mover. HeRobust showed out and definitely made a name for himself. Heroes x Villains, oh my lord. I was most excited for this set out of anyone’s at Bisco because I absolutely LOVE Daniel Disaster. He began the set with the triumphant sound that’s in the beginning of Nas‘ “You Can Hate Me Now“, and excuse my language, but I LOST ALL OF MY SHIT. Seriously, I even lost my COMBAT BOOT in the mud…it was ripped right off of my foot. Quicksand, I tell ya. I think a part of my heart is still stuck with that set; from beginning to end it brought out the “hood” in me. Passion Pit was so relaxing and beautiful! The cool breeze, lights and their jam-band sound really relaxed me after working up a sweat from the earlier sets, but then it was back to sweating with Grandtheft. He dropped that “Miley” track, and I danced so hard. I said I was over the “trap” music for the weekend, but he clearly proved me wrong. The Disco Biscuits were awesome! Their light show was probably the best out of anyone there, as it should have been. I think I got to see them each day because they played every day, since it’s their festival. They definitely created a lusty yet chill environment.


I missed Madeon and Tommy Trash, (I know, I know.. I suck). I just honestly couldn’t hang at that point. My body was tired of dancing, my brain was screaming for sleep, and I was kind of already in the mindset of napping…so I did “nap”, which turned into actually falling asleep until it was 5am on Sunday, July 14 and time to head back to Massachusetts.


I payed $200 to see 30+ acts, who may have easily each cost $50+. I got to camp for the first time ever, and coming from a true NYC girl, it really wasn’t all that bad. The heat was difficult to deal with at times, but that’s what ice-cold waters are for. Another thing I absolutely loved about Bisco was the atmosphere/vibes. It was a 100% judgement free zone. Everyone dressed however they wanted, I never had to worry about feeling uncomfortable or inappropriately dressed- NOTHING. I got to spend this experience with amazing friends, I got to meet new friends and I got to meet a new side of MYSELF. I have realized that I absolutely love, adore and NEED music. It is my drug. Would I recommend Bisco to someone else? IN A HEART BEAT! Would I go again? I’m planning next year’s festival plans as I type.

Some say there is always one experience in life that you will always wish to go back to.. Honestly, this is it. I hope you understand A LITTLE bit of what I experienced, why it was so magical and how important music is to me. If you took the time to read all of this, let’s go to a festival together next year 😉


Checkout Bisco’s recap videos to get the visuals to match my words:


Amanda aka ALTernate Ears



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