Let’s take a trip to Kaytranada, Canada.

Hear ye’, hear ye’!

I now present to you thee most luxurious sound on the east coast of my ears! Kaytranada, or shall I say SOULtranada, takes a few already-incredible songs–Janet Jackson’s “If”–and turns them into this beautiful sound and work of art.

He slows down the tempo, dims the lights and steams the room with his production, while somehow managing to keep you singing along the whole time. It may even get a little raunchy, like his Missy Elliot “Sock it to Me” mix.

I mean, if you’re not in love with Kaytranada’s music by now, then you just aren’t into this type of music. However, if you’re ears are quivering with excitement along with mine, welcome to a brand new world!

P.S. enjoy the first song I was put onto that had me going on and on : Snakeships’ “On & On” remix.



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