Big K.R.I.T. explores within his “R.E.M”

Big K.R.I.T. has given us yet another reason why he is one of the best new comers out right now.

The mississippi rapper loves to sample songs that add emphasis and meaning to the message he is already sending, and he chose thee perfect song to sample for R.E.M: James Blake’s “Wilhelms Screams“. He also samples the actual Wilhelm Scream–featured in several films–that inspired Blake’s original- KUDOS, K.R.I.T.!

K.R.I.T. raps about his dreams and what he envisions the rap game to be. He feels as if he’s slipping, and as if he has failed his fans. Oh the contrary Mr. KRIT, you have made all of your fans proud!

Whenever you listen to a K.R.I.T song, expect to get a message out of it; his message is loud and clear in R.E.M: he does not care what anyone expects of him, he will continue to live out his dreams.

I refuse to give up what I started, for false awards and cover boards in every store. 

The video, a Luke Choi (of KRSP) visual, shows K.R.I.T walking aimlessly, not recognizing his surroundings and falling. The best part of the video, aside from the fact that it is in  black and white, is when they silhouette him and add images to the inside of his body’s shape.

Not only has Big K.R.I.T. restored my faith in talented lyricists, but he’s also restored my faith in lyricists who know how to provide quality videos. Yes, this song can stand alone and be one of his best; however, the video adds location, context, emotion, etc. We’re placed into his head/heart when we watch the video, and that’s what takes this song to the next level. (HUGE acknowledgment to KRSP’s eye as well).

R.E.M will be the last song K.R.I.T leaks before dropping his second album self titled King Remembered In Time.

Stay tuned folks, K.R.I.T isn’t finished with explaining himself just yet.



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